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Here comes the long-awaited fourth season of My Hero Academia that promises a lot of excitement and the progress of a story that is telling very special things within its manga version.

Now, through the Boku no Hero Academia Analysis Book, it is possible to find a very interesting detail about a character from the series. It just so happens that both a villain and a hero in My Hero Academia are transgender.

Tora and Magne are the BNHA characters that, according to the book, fall into this category and, incidentally, have relevant roles within the series.

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My Hero Academia

‘Interesting details about Tora and Magne from Boku No Hero Academia Ultra Analysis Boook: Tora transitioned from female to male and her real name is Chatora Yawara. Magne transitioned from male to female and her real name is Hikiishi Kenji.’

My Hero Academia: Will the transsexual characters have an important participation in the fourth season?

Those who have read Kouhei Horikoshi’s manga know that Magne will have a good part in the fourth season of the series. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for Tora.

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Now, both of them fought each other for a brief moment when Tora tried to stop Magne and his league of villains from kidnapping someone from the Academy.

Tora in My Hero Academia

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Magne’s quirk allows him to handle magnetism while Tora belongs to a sect of feline heroes within MHA.

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We will have to be aware of everything that comes for the fourth of the BNHA anime which premieres during October.

Kouhei Horikoshi’s original series has at least 24 volumes and has been published since July 7, 2014 in Japan. The animated series already has more than 63 episodes and its fourth season will premiere on October 12.