Revealed the real appearance of Inivisible Girl in Boku No Hero?

It seems that the author of My Hero Academia has shown the real aspect of Unseen Girlone of the favorite secondary characters of the fans of this anime and manga. Kohei Horikhosi is recognized in the world of anime as one of the best storytellers, and that’s because they believe that each character in My Hero Academia has their own story, no matter how minor it may be or seem.

The reveal of some designs have set off alarms among all anime and manga fans, because although it has not been confirmed, everything would indicate that Invisible Girl will be shown to fans sooner rather than later. Be careful, because if so, we would be talking about potential spoilers, so we prefer that if you are one of those people who do not want your experience to be annoyed, do not continue reading.

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This would be the look at the appearance of Invisible Girl in My Hero Academia

Toru Hagakure She is the UA student who is always invisible, and she is Invisible Girl. Perhaps the fact that she is always seen like this is one of the attractions of the character, that she, along with the rest of her classmates, Dekuthe absolute protagonist of the anime, create a class and group of the most diverse and rich in original characters.

If you are a reader of the manga, you will have seen part of his face, but anime fans will not, that is why this can be a Huge reveal for fans of the animated version.

Illustration by Kohei Horikoshi.

This and other illustrations have been revealed by the author, who has not confirmed or denied anything we talked about in this article, but it is true that a sector of the fandom believes that it is, for them they have only based on the image from the manga and compare, it seems that the face is quite similar.

In fact, if you look closely, the character covers half of his face, so since we are with the conspiracy theories, it could be a nod from the author regarding the cartoon of the mangamaking it clear to readers that the character is the Invisible Girl.

It is very likely that we are facing the first official image of the real appearance of Inivisible Girl in My Hero Academia, and that makes me a little nervous, because they are going to break with the charm of the character, but at the same time I want to know who hides behind, surely the character will alternate these forms from here on out so that all parts of the fandom are satisfied.