Review by: My Hero Academy: World Hero Mission

My Hero Academia returns for the third time to the cinema screens.

My Hero Academia is a manga created by Kohei Horikoshi, which saw the light in 2015, within the magazine Shukan Shonen Jump, from the publisher Shueisha, with 32 volumes published, to date (while in Spain it has been edited by Comic Planet), in which it is explored what would happen if 80% of the population had been born with special gifts, which would lead to the appearance of a large number of heroes and villains.

The manga’s story centers on Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, a young man who belongs to the 20% of the population that was born without powers, although his greatest dream is to study in the UA School, to which all those blessed with special gifts come who wish to become defenders of the forces of good.

Fortunately, everything changes when Deku meet your idol All Might, which offers you the ability to inherit your power from the One for All, which allows its wearer to increase their physical conditions. In this way, the young man manages to fulfill his dream of studying at the UA School and get to become a hero, like the rest of his companions, like the proud Katsuki Bakugo.

The manga My Hero Academia It has been adapted to various media, such as literature, cartoon series, video games, OVAS and, of course, movies, which are the subject we are interested in discussing in this article. To date, three animated feature films have seen the light: My Hero Academy: Of Heroes (2018) and My Hero Academia: Awakening of the Heroes (2020) and My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes, a film that has just landed on our billboard, whose analysis you can read in the following paragraphs of this article:

Review of My Hero Academy: World Hero Mission

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, the movie My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes It is 104 minutes long. Next, as you can see under these lines, we present the trailer:

To stop the plans of the terrorist organization Humanize, who plans to use a weapon to eradicate from the planet all the people blessed with special gifts, the students of the UA School are dispersed throughout the world with the intention of neutralizing the headquarters that Humanize It is distributed globally. Deku, accompanied by other companions, must carry out the mission in Otheon. However, things get complicated when he runs into a gem dealers, forcing him to carry out a change of plans that will make him a wanted hero.

As can be expected, the main role of My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes relapse in Deku, although Dynamite and Todoroki They also play an important role, while the rest of the members of the group, although we see them in fulfillment of their mission, function as secondary characters, which should not surprise us, if we take into account the great cast of characters that the anime has .

Although we cannot assure that it has served as inspiration, the truth is that we can find certain parallels between the plot of My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes and the stories of the Marvel mutants against the Friends of Humanity. We can also highlight how similar they are Deku and Dynamite Goku and Vegeta, from Dragon Ball, respectively, since some are just as naive while the others stand out for their arrogance.

As with the two previous films, My Hero Academy: Mission world of heroes It is made with the traditional type of animation, which is good news for all of us who prefer the classic style, rather than computer drawings.

Beyond showing some photos of no interest, throughout the end credits, My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes, it does not offer any scene in between or at the end, so it is not necessary for you to sit in the armchair waiting.

In summary, whether you like anime movies with superpowers in general or if you are a fan of the publication of this specific manga, you will enjoy watching My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes.

My Hero Academia

The organization Humanize has hidden bombs to destroy gift holders around the world and Deku and the rest of the heroes must find them.

A mysterious criminal organization known as Humanize it aims to destroy gifted people around the world. In order to save the population from the special bombs that have been hidden all over the planet, a selection of heroes is formed worldwide.

Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki, who are doing internships in a heroes office, are also part of the mission in the distant country of Otheon. But Deku is involved in an incident and becomes the most wanted in the entire country. In the meantime, Humanize release a statement to the world… The time limit is 2 hours! Now the future of the world and of the heroes is in your hands …Deku and his companions face the greatest mission in history and the stage is the whole world !.