Review | My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the best film of the saga – The Third

This 2022 will arrive the sixth season of My Hero Academia, but to shovel the wait, it is that in the next few days it will be released in Latin America, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the third film in the franchise, and that will lead the UA students on a new mission on a global scale.

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, this third film is the one with a more attractive plot in relation to its predecessors, since beyond the classic confrontations between villains and heroes, it allows you to know a little more about the world of My Hero Academia, and about the ‘Quirk Singularity theory’, which had only been dealt with superficially, and which suggests that as the generations advance the ‘Quirk’ will become more powerful, and with it dangerous, to a point where they could cause the end of the world.

This is how we got to this movie, where UA students have joined professional heroes to participate in a global-scale mission that seeks to stop a terrorist organization with religious overtones known as Humarise, which is based on the mentioned theory, and which aims to eliminate the powers of all people pointing out that they are really curses – something very X-Men style-.

Despite delving a little deeper into the world created by Kohei Horikoshi, this movie wastes no time taking action in its first few minutes, to move on after the presentation of the new characters and development of the plot, which this time puts Deku as a fugitive who must escape while seeking to end Humarise’s plans.

As has become customary in the My Hero Academia films, along with Deku, Much of the protagonism is also taken by two of his classmates, Bakugo and Todoroki, leaving the rest somewhat aside, And although we still managed to see them in action for a few minutes, they do not have a really important role. Along the same lines, among the new characters it presents is Rody, a young criminal who for unknown reasons ends up escaping with Midoriya and later fighting Humarise, and Flect Turn, the mysterious villain leader of Humarise and whose design was made. by Kohei Horikoshi.

It should be mentioned that this film does not develop the story of any known character, we do not see growth in Midoriya, nor in his companions, nor are they faced with great moral dilemmas, being the story built on the new characters, as well as the world of the ‘Quirk’.

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Although the film works well on its own, it is better understood if it keeps up with the seasons of the series, since it has mentions of elements such as the drug Trigger, which amplifies the power of its users by weakening their reasoning, and which was a central part of the fourth season of the anime. In the same way, it is a movie that is undoubtedly more enjoyed if you are a fan of the series, but it is also quite funny even if you do not know the world of My Hero Academia.

As expected, It has an incredible animation quality, something that stands out mainly at the time of the different battles, And is that just like the anime, World Heroes Mission has battles that look really good visually. In the same vein, the soundtrack perfectly accompanies the different moments of the story, especially the main song of this, which is called Empathy, and is performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

In conclusion…

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission It is a film that is funny from the first minute, although it leaves aside the personal stories of the protagonists, it goes a little deeper into the world created by Kohei Horikoshi. In the same way, both the animation and the music are at the highest level, making it a really attractive film both for fans of the series and for those who only follow it superficially.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission It will premiere in Chile, Mexico and Peru on January 6.