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Plus ultra. Eight years have passed since we first read those words. Six if we refer to the anime. In both cases we talk about history. Manga history and evolution. story of how a shōnen Like any other, the chains of the genre ended up being ripped off to offer us a violent, crude and unparalleled story. We are going to talk about this and much more in our review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32.

Without a doubt, one of the most special. Throughout time we have witnessed how Izuku Midoriya left his childhood behind to assume the weight of One for All. Little by little, that young and innocent creature was submerged in an adult and bloody world. Without mercy, the weight of responsibility hit him again and again until the breath was taken from him. He wasn’t the only one.

Each and every one of the members of class 1-A and not a few classmates of 1-B or 1-C have suffered a similar fate. Their dream of becoming heroes plunged into a spiral of chaos and destruction when, after many years of ‘tranquility’, true evil emerged. Being a hero seemed like a simple task, but everything changed with the rise of the Villain League and Tomura Shigaraki.

Death. With the heir of All for One and his allies we recover one of the least exploited concepts of shōnen: death. In very specific acts, we say goodbye to some of our favorite characters. This has gone further. With the conclusion of the last arc and the set-up of the final saga, My Hero Academia He has taken another step towards adulthood.

review of My Hero Academia no. 31 and 32 | Cover, edition and synopsis

Synopsis volume 31

Shigaraki escapes and the damage is terrible. Even so, our heroes stand firm in their convictions. We have to keep fighting! For those who are missing, for future generations… Plus ultra!!

Synopsis volume 32

All the escaped prisoners from different prisons are roaming freely in the cities. Izuku, who is giving his all together with the best national heroes, is exhausting his strength, ju, ju… You have to kill this miserable world in which it is so difficult to live. Isn’t that right, Tomura?

Volume 31 | volume 32
Publication date 09/14/2022 | 11/23/2022
Format 5″x7″
ink Integrated in b/w. (216 pages both)
Presentation Rustic without flaps with s/cub
Frequency Bimonthly
Price €7.95
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However, before delving into this topic, We want to remember our colleagues from Planeta Cómic, since without them this would not be possible. After all, it is his editorial that has been in charge of collecting and selling the manga in Spain. Together with the translation of Ayako Koike, we have lived dozens of adventures.

And we apologize for getting sentimental even on something as formal as editing, but it’s unavoidable. The conclusion of volume #31 and the beginning of #32 suppose a new “before and after” in which it could be… No, sorry. It supposes a new before and after in one of the best shōnen from the actuality.

Luckily, it is accompanied by an edition at the height where the translation stands out for its quality. With some other exterior cut that does not tarnish the final result, My Hero Academia It remains almost required reading for fans of the genre.. That being said, we continue with our impressions.

The shōnen that let be shōnen to be something else

Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32
Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32

And what better way to do it than to close one of the best sagas of recent years? Because, without a doubt, the open war between Tomura Shikaraki and Izuku Midoriyaalong with the rest of the heroes and villains that accompany them, it has been simply spectacular. Their life-to-death fight has not only ignited the flames of the final arc, but has left us downright stunned.

In a war, as they say, there are no winners, only losers. In this case it has not been like that… Although both sides have suffered irreparable losses, the ‘deed’ of the villains has put society as we know it in check. The heroes, once revered as deities, have lost everything they fought for.

They are no longer heroes, but people with powers who try to help society. The people have lost faith and the heroes have lost their fuel. Due to the destruction and losses that the world has suffered after the acts of the villains, the ordinary citizen has begun to wonder if things should continue as they were.

The answer is no”. Nothing is the same. The world, plunged into a sort of post-apocalyptic settingIt has lost all its shine. Kohei, author of the manga, reflects it perfectly with a much more obscurantist style. The manga, in fact, has taken on a much darker undertone than before; art accompanies the scene.

heroes vs. villains, a deadly social reflex

Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32
Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32

Thanks to this we are able to empathize with this paradigm shift while mourning the loss of some of our favorite characters… again. Far from the goodness of other great series like one piecehere death is real. To think otherwise is to get false hopes. We know this and the characters know it.

However, the one who suffers the most from this whole situation is Izuku. The young man, who has left the concept of “child” behind, has become a man. The responsibility crushes him, but he responds with force. He jumps headlong into the challenge at the cost of his own sanity. We also see this reflected in his suit.

Always spotless, now it’s a shadow. A shadow with a bestial design that has left us speechless. The only way we have to describe what we are feeling is simple: “WHAT IS THIS?!” Horikoshi, in an unparalleled creative display, has broken all the schemes with a simply incredible new concept.

Without losing his usual shine, Izuku has become a herald of peace who works from the shadows. That’s why he has lost his smile, but he’s not the only one. His companions, with Bakugo and Todoroki at the head, are ‘desperate‘. They have grasped reality in the harshest way possible.

review of My Hero Academia #31 and #32: one of the best contemporary manga

Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32
Review of My Hero Academia #31 and 32

However, they have not given up, and they want to be the ones to guide their partner. The entire class 1-A is actually desperate to support the young man who inadvertently became his light. And it is here where the mangaka bring out all the artillery. There are still the best, everything is said, but it is already a non-stop. Its gigantic cast shines with its own light and the story has entered its best part.

For those who wear the manga, thanks to Manga Plus, they will know that, from this very moment, My Hero Academia it only goes up. Each episode is better than the last and that feeling of “final saga” is getting stronger and stronger. Well loaded with epicity, it manages the drama and tension almost perfectly. With the occasional slip up in between, he presents us with the fall of society.

But there is no light without darkness. Although the tables have turned, this diatribe between the two concepts is maintained at all times, reminding us that heroes don’t give up. Not all, because the weight of each action and each error now has more impact than ever. The idyll is over, showing us that, in reality, the heroes were overprotected.

They were almost divinities, but that could not be. So, with the fall of society, we also glimpse an even more powerful light: rebirth. Today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s progress. Many heroes continue to work with this philosophy, who now see Izuku as one more. That being said, we say goodbye with a simple conclusion: My Hero Academia has managed to ascend to Olympus becoming one of the best contemporary manga.

Game rating - essential
1670865911 966 Review of My Hero Academia 31 and 32 the
  • The plot has taken on a much more adult shade. moves away from shōnen conventional to present a much rawer story.
  • The drawing continues to evolve and the new design of some characters is amazing.
  • The closing of the previous arc and the beginning of the new saga are a real brutality.
  • The characters continue to develop and the brutality of the story makes the tension and epicness reach levels never seen before.
1670865912 354 Review of My Hero Academia 31 and 32 the
  • Some new characters are introduced with a great dramatic charge, but their introduction is so sudden that it is difficult to empathize with them.

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