RuriDragon, the manga that has surpassed My Hero Academia in its debut and that sweeps Japan

My Hero Academia“is by far one of the most successful works of the last decade of Shonen Jump. We are not just talking about the fact that its anime is a phenomenon that moves millions around the world, but that the manga itself has tens of millions of copies sold . Therefore, for a work to match it is something truly amazing, and that is what it has achieved “ruridragon” in Japan, even surpassing the debut figures of Deku and company.

RuriDragon manages to unseat My Hero Academia as the best debut in recent years

Honestly, I have been very crazy seeing this data, which I leave you next with the tweet of @Josu_ke:

And with the tweet at hand, I tell you now the most important things to consider:

  • Yes, as you can see in the tweet, RuriDragon manages to surpass the debut of My Hero Academia of 2014. A total of 74 thousand copies sold by the 71 thousand of Deku and company. ❗
  • Some of you may have already seen me talk about Ruri Dragon, and it’s really It premiered months ago through the digital publication. In services like Manga Plus it rose like foam and was quickly placed among the most read manga on the platform (in English). ✔️
  • Unfortunately, RuriDragon is currently on hiatus for the health of its author, Masaoki Shindou. What has happened now is that the first physical volume of the manga has been placed on sale in Japan and, as you can see, many have jumped at it. If Shindou-sensei manages to overcome his condition, it is clear that here is a jewel with a lot of potential. ❌

For those who are interested in this “RuriDragon” that has been able to surpass “My Hero Academia”, I leave you below a video of the one-shot that led to the later serialization of the manga:

And this is all for now, obviously if you are IN you know that “RuriDragon” is still available on MangaPlus and that Now it also has a Spanish version. There are only 6 chapters released of this manga, so It won’t take too much time out of your lives either. giving this potential phenomenon a chance.

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