Safety pin! The ‘My Hero Academia’ series brings its epic battles to the big screen

My Hero Academia could be along with Attack on Titan!, the series that has most marked the latest generation of Japanese animation fans.

After five successful seasons and two video games, the Japanese production company Bones has expanded the horizons of the franchise and has commissioned the production of a series of films for the adventures of Deku and his heroic cronies. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the title of this film adaptation, now available in Costa Rican theaters.

This feature film comes to expand the adventures of the heroes that we have known since the 2016 television adaptation. The protagonist Deku will have to face a new group of villains who will put them on a mission against the clock. The antagonists have left explosives all over the planet which will detonate in two hours, so our young hero must team up with Bakugo, Todoroki and Rody to undertake an epic mission.

The villains belong to a terrorist organization called Humarise, which is known for wanting to eliminate the super powerful, as they believe that all those young people are cursed.

This film has the direction of Kenji Nagasaki, who has directed most of the chapters of the series. In most reviews, his work has been applauded.

“Although the film works well alone, it is better understood if it is up to date with the seasons of the series, since it has mentions of elements such as the drug Trigger, which amplifies the power of its users, weakening their reasoning and that it was a central part of the fourth season of the anime. In the same way, it is a movie that is undoubtedly more enjoyable if you are a fan of the series, but it is also quite fun even if you do not know the world of My Hero Academia”, wrote Claudio Portilla for the newspaper Third.

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“As expected, the film has incredible animation quality, something that stands out mainly at the time of the different battles. Just like in the anime, World Heroes’ Mission It has battles that look great visually. Along the same lines, the soundtrack perfectly accompanies the different moments of the story”, added Portilla.

The film is already available on the Costa Rican billboard.