Screenshots of My Hero Academia 336 uncover the REAL traitor of the academy – Senpai

Just like a few days ago, the first images of chapter 336 of My Hero Academia manga left their fans speechless as the controversy caused by a traitor among the ranks of the UA Academy continues to unfold

While chapter 335 of My Hero Academia left in doubt if student Tohru Hagakure is really a spy under the control of All For One, the leaks of chapter 336 confirmed the true traitor with the character’s own confessionYuga Aoyama is the traitor.

The “ray of light” that belongs to the same room that Deku reveals to our protagonist that IT WAS HE who gave information to The League of Villains to attack the students during training camp, which ended in the kidnapping of Bakugo and the incident on Kamino later.


The revelations around Aoyama go to the point of discovering that the it was also a Quirkless como Deku, so his power was granted to him by the worst villain of the series, All For One. Now both he and his family are threatened with death unless they continue working for this villain,

The academy of heroes is entering a point where there could be more traitors within its facilities and therefore a huge feeling of insecurity will invade both heroes and civilians in the next chapters of My Hero Academia manga.

How will Deku react to Aoyama’s shocking reveal? Remember that currently You can read My Hero Academia through various official platforms to read manga. According to Manga Plus, chapter 336 will be published on December 5 at 10:00 a.m. in your application.

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