Shigaraki could put an end to the society of heroes in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry and it’s no wonder, as it introduces us to a wide variety of heroes and villains with unique powers known as Quirks. These can be used to bring about peace, but they can also wipe out everything in their path, something even Shigaraki is capable of.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the raised speeches in My Hero Academia are more characteristic of All For One than of Shigaraki. In his last unequivocal appearance, Shigaraki’s goal was still the total destruction of society, with no ideas of reform or domination.

All For One seems to have the upper hand over Shigaraki in the fight for his body as it is, but this balance is unlikely to remain intact until the end of the story. Before the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki Tomura had only offered a glimpse of what his simple growth abilities were capable of, but it was enough for the heroes to decide that he had reached an unprecedented level of threat.

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He’s easily holding back a team of over six Heroes, and he felt comfortable enough to revel in his new abilities as he ponders his plans for world domination. This is how Shigaraki Simple Growth works.

In line with the established descriptive ability names from My Hero Academia, Simple Growth is exactly what its name suggests. Shigaraki is now able to alter the composition of his body at will, increasing or decreasing his overall mass without the aid of a Quirk or any support items.

The fact that it is an innate ability of his body suggests that the normal rules for Quirks will not apply to Simple Growth. He probably won’t have a time limit attached to how long he can modify his body, while attacks against Quirks, like Eraserhead and Monoma Neito’s Combined Erase, won’t affect him at all.