Someone turned Pedro Infante into one of the characters in My Hero Academia in an unusual fanart | Spaghetti Code

Maybe the fanart the most unusual that you will see today will be the crossover of one of the most iconic Mexicans of all time, that is, the legendary Pedro Infante, who has become one of the characters of My Hero Academia.

It may not make any sense either, but for some reason that we do not know, the pantostado0 tiktoker decided to pay tribute to Pedro Infante himself and to the anime of My Hero Academia with a fanart with which Mexicans can feel very represented, right? While the idea of ​​seeing one of Pedro Infante’s most iconic characters, Pepe el Toro, converted is strange even to imagine, the result is incredible. And that makes me wonder: Could Pepe el Toro be the true Symbol of Peace?

Pantostado0’s TikTok was also shared on YouTube and after more than 2,000 views, here is the result:

Perhaps Pedro Infante and the anime of My Hero Academia do not have anything that relates them but in their respective times we can say that both will live for a long time in the hearts of Mexicans. And at least now we can also say that Pedro Infante is not only the idol of the people … and of the comics, but also from anime.

As to My Hero Academia 5 The story continues its course as this week the new My Hero Academia film will hit Japanese theaters, bringing together Class 1-A students with heroes from around the world to combat a new threat that could end the existence of humanity. Boku no Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission It will premiere on August 6 in Japan.

What did you think of this tribute to Pedro Infante and the anime of My Hero Academia?


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