Spy x Family surpasses My Hero Academia as the best-selling manga

Things seem to be going very well for the manga. SPY x FAMILYsince thanks to his anime he managed to outsell to another very popular story, My Hero Academia.

It is certainly a great achievement for family adventures Forge surpass the heroic efforts of Izuku Midoriya and his colleagues from the UA Academy Information comes directly from Oricona company that collects this type of data in Japan.

That is how SPY x FAMILY sold 1 million 780 thousand 906 copies in the country of the Rising Sun, while My Hero Academia it only moved 770 thousand 373 units.

In third place is also the popular tokyo avengerswith 480 thousand 858 and in the fourth jujutsu kaisen with 424 thousand 166. Without a doubt it is an excellent performance for the work created by tetsuya endowhose sales had a noticeable boost since its animation came out.

SPY x FAMILY surpasses My Hero Academia as the best-selling manga
Font: bones.

The latter is a work of CloverWorks Y Wit Studio. Nowadays My Hero Academia He is at a disadvantage and all because the sixth season of his anime will be out until the fall.

So it lacks the drive that it does have right now. SPY x FAMILY. Most likely, it will end up recovering when its new episodes arrive, although it will have a new ‘push’ when its new OVAs come out during the summer.

SPY x FAMILY surpasses My Hero Academia but only in May

It should be noted that sales of Oricon that we share correspond only to May. In total sales the manga of SPY x FAMILY is far from reaching My Hero Academia.

The first has a total of 21 million copies in circulation so far, which includes not only sold copies but also printed ones. As for the second, it has 65 million and sells quite well in the West.

SPY x FAMILY surpasses My Hero Academia as the best-selling manga
Font: CloverWorks/Wit Studio.

Although to SPY x FAMILY it also does well outside Japan but not to the same level. This work of tetsuya endo it will surely continue to sell as it is still going on.

Opposite case of My Hero Academiawhose creator, Kohei HorikoshiHe plans to finish this year. So at some point your sales will end up slowing down. It will sell thanks to its anime but it will not be the same as in past years.


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