Star and Stripe could lose to Shigaraki from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia could be on hiatus when it comes to your anime, with the sixth season already confirmed, but the manga from Kohei Horikoshi it still continues to release new chapters that take place after the end of War Arc.

This bow sees the villano Shigaraki Tomura face America’s number one hero, Star and Stripe. While Star And Stripe’s Quirk is one of the most powerful we’ve seen to date in the Shonen franchise, there is a specific reason why Shigaraki could have this current fight on the bag.

Warning! If you have not yet read the last chapter of the Boku no Hero Academia manga in MANGA Plus, chapter 330, you might want to stay away. So that in The Truth News We dive into spoiler territory.

Shigaraki would beat Star and Stripe for this reason

Spoilers de Boku no hero Academia 330 –331

Since he obtained the powers of the Quirk known as All For One, the villain of the same name has been slowly taking over the mind and body of Shigaraki, his young ward. With the power of Star and Stripe, which allows him to take control of anything he touches as long as he says the name of the object and / or person, Shigaraki can evade this power because it is not about him.

There are two reasons for this, the first is that the villain changed his name from Tenko Shimura Tomura Shigaraki after the young villain murdered his own family. Brought in by the main villain, Shigaraki took the new name without hesitation and embarked on a journey to destroy society as it currently functioned.

The other reason why Star and Stripe’s power is ineffective, is because All For One has teamed up with Shigaraki, creating a new being, which the powerful antagonist explains: “I’m not All For One or Tomura Shigaraki anymore, now! we merge into a whole new person! “

With the next chapter seemingly being the end of the battle between hero and villain, the world will get a lot scarier if Shigaraki can steal the Quirk from America’s # 1 hero. For this reason, Star and Stripe has My Hero Academia fans worried.

Where to see My Hero Academia Latin dubbing?

You can watch the anime of My Hero Academia with Latin dubbing on Crunchyroll. The streaming site also has the episodes of the 5 seasons available in their original Japanese language and with Spanish subtitles.

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