The 7 characters with psychological problems in My Hero Academia

These are the problems that are hidden behind the villains and heroes of Boku no Hero Academia.

During the course of the Boku no Hero Academia plot we have been able to meet a wide variety of quite peculiar characters who have not only attracted attention for their way of dressing and their quirks, but also for the way they act and think.

Although the villains have negative thoughts about othersthe heroes sometimes are not far behind, and it is that regardless of the side they are part of, some of them have certain psychological problems of which you may not have realized, but in reality it is very evident. If you want to know what these characters are, then we are going to leave you a list explaining why they have an unstable mental state.

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Kai Chisaki – Overhaul

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Overhaul would have a phobia of germs in My Hero Academia

From the first time it appeared, it was possible to appreciate how rare is this characterand how much of a problem it can be if you put your mind to it, even at kidnap the innocent girl named Eri. However, this has a very clear explanation and would answer why it acts in such a way.


Obviously, Kai Chisaki is someone upset by all the things he has done, and that has made him the well-known “Overhaul”. This character has no empathy for others because he only makes relationships in order to manipulate to achieve your goal, and at the same time, he doesn’t care if innocent people suffer in the process. Definitely, he is a person willing to do whatever it takes to become that boss he wants so much, for what he has killed, has infringed the rights of others and has broken social norms, so he can be considered a psychopath.

Mysophobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Another of Kai’s strange attitudes is that he has irrational repulsion to dirt and germs, as the character has shown and admitted in several situations that he cannot avoid cleaning himself when touched by another person. In fact, he has also confirmed that the gloves are to protect himself from any outside entity and his mask serves only to not breathe the polluted air of others.

Jin Bubaigawara – Twice

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Twice suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder in My Hero Academia

Jin Bubaigawara is the character who has shown his psychological problem the most during the anime, since since his story is talked about he begins to see a very problematic and recurring attitude with himself. Working as the villain named “Twice” he has had to use his “Double” quirk, which is the root of all his drawbacks.

Dissociative identity disorder

Because your gift allows you create multiple copies of itself who act of their own free will, but receive orders from a superior, has lost his temper to the point of having dissociative amnesia. Therefore, in some circumstances he does not know who the real one is, while other personalities take over his decisions and emotions.

In addition to this, he suffers from headaches, loss of track of time, panic attacks, anxiety, depersonalization and derealizationso he is certainly a mentally ill character who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorderformerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Himiko Toga

boku no hero academia

Himiko Ttoga is obsessive compulsive in My Hero Academia

It could be said that Himiko Toga is a very nice and funny characterand that is because he has a very different personality than the others that makes him stand out every time he arrives at a site, but this could also be related to psychological problems.

Obsessive Compulsive Love Disorder

After meeting Izuku Midoriya, Himiko Toga has had a certain dependence on talking and being with him, has even come to say that he likes her in a very intense way and without even knowing him at all. She is probably showing signs of Obsessive Compulsive Love Disorder because she has reached a point where has been impersonating Ochaco Uraraka just to like her.

paraphilic disorder

His quirk is to consume someone’s blood to completely copy their appearance, but this could also have consequences. In some cases, Toga has said that he loves blood and it is inevitable to think that he could have a Paraphilic Disorder in the future if he were to fully develop Obsessive Compulsive Love Disorder.

Bakugo – Kacchan

boku no hero academia

Bakugo is always upset with his friends in My Hero Academia

That a boy is yelling and upset about everything it’s not normal. Katsuki Bakugo has become irritating to her friends because there is no way to address him without him criticizing or say how powerful it is.

Low self-esteem

Although it seems that his parents have been very good and they have a well established life, it is possible that Katsuki Bakugo suffers from low self-esteem for always wanting everyone’s acceptance. When he was little he felt superior to others for having a powerful quirk, but over time he has learned that there is many more people who can overcome it without problemsso he always emphasizes that he is the best so as not to feel bad about his abilities and represses many feelings using his annoying attitude as a defense method.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

There is no doubt that Bakugo is impulsive, aggressive and conceited, but you have crossed the line a long time ago. When a person is always seen as angry or has recurring verbal and physical fights, they can be categorized as having Intermittent Explosive Disorder. This is very interesting because It has a lot to do with Bakugo’s giftwhich makes it clear that his attitude is intentional in order for him to be closely tied to his power.

Shouto Todoroki

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Shoto has depression due to pressure from his father in My Hero Academia

Shoto’s seriousness and security makes him a mysterious character, and that is why he is also one of the most beloved in the franchise, but keep in mind that his personality is also has been affected by the harsh childhood who has lived


It seems like Shoto has suppressed a lot of feelings and has suffered from anxiety and insomnia, although this is something that has not been confirmed. However, the dry way in which he usually acts and the representation of his face speak a lot about him, and it is not a secret that the great pressure that his father has imposed on him since childhood it has affected him a lot, and even the other members of the family. Therefore, Enji Todoroki is the cause of many of the problems of his children and especially his wife, who, in effect, is in a psychiatric ward due to her mental instability.

Tenya Iida – Ingenium

boku no hero academia

Lida would be one of the fastest heroes in My Hero Academia

Of all the students in Class 1-A of the UA Academy, Tenya is one of the most stubborn As for the organization of the whole team, and in addition to that, he is a perfectionist when it comes to following the rules.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

There is a high probability that Tenya’s attitude is obsessive-compulsive because she always takes into account the smallest detail and everything that is not within the correct or that is well established bothers him. In fact, in one of the anime scenes, her room is shown, which is completely lined up and organized in a very impressive way with which this pathology could be confirmed.

Tomura Shigaraki

boku no hero academia

Shigaraki has suffered too much and that is why he is a villain

You don’t have to be a genius to know that Shigaraki is one of the most disturbed characters of all, Well, his story is one of the strongest and saddest, and he is someone who has not had the ability to overcome his demons due to many circumstances that escaped his hands, and never better said.


Of course, Tomura would be someone who has psychopathy, he suffers from paranoia and has signs of dementia.


As revealed in the fifth season of the anime, Shigaraki’s past is one of the most devastating because he murdered his entire family and without really wanting to do it. When his powers manifested he did not know how to control them and ended up deteriorating everything in his path, including his grandmother, mother, sister and father, the latter being the trigger for the suffering he had during childhood and the trigger for all his mental problems.

By using the hands of their deceased and by having aggressive and disapproved behavior of society and the heroes, it is possible that Shigaraki suffers from some kind of schizophrenia. This has a lot to do with delusions, hallucinations, isolation and wearing down your emotions.

Histrionic personality disorder

Tomura could suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder because always wants to be the center of attentionyour emotional states change drastically, and you can become easily influencedjust as All For One himself did when he picked it up from the house.

Apparently, the villains are the ones who suffer the most from psychological problems in animeand it is that, obviously, they are people who have suffered a lot and have not known how to cope with difficult situations they have gone through, thus becoming villains after failing to control their mental weaknesses.

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