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The female characters of My Hero Academia they have shown us that women can have multiple facets in stories. Both the more passive ones supporting the heroes, and the more active ones dishing out kicks on the battlefield, they all deserve recognition for their power, even if not all of them have good intentions.

Whether they are heroines or villains, this time we bring you a list of the 8 most powerful female characters in My Hero Academia. Not without first warning you that the information below may contain anime or even manga spoilersso be careful.

Nejire Hado

We start the list with the most promising student of My Hero Academia, Nejire Hado, a teenager considered a prodigy from the first moment she entered the scene. She is in class A of the third year of the hero academy together with Mirio Togata (LeMillion) and Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater). The three make up the group known as The Big 3.

Nejira has the gift of Wave, which basically allows him to create and manipulate shockwaves of his own life energy. These waves can create a brittle breeze or a powerful blast, depending on how it is used. The student prodigy has shown that she has complete control over her gift, which has guaranteed her a position working with the heroes on the streets in charge of the very same. Ryuko Tatsuma.

Mt Lady

This is a familiar character for anyone who has seen the anime or read the manga, as he appears in the first chapter. Yu Takeyama, better known as Mt. Lady, is one of the first images that come to us about how strong female characters can be in My Hero Academia. And though she’s introduced as a rookie heroine, she hasn’t been slow to prove herself to us throughout the series.

His gift is Gigantification, an ability that allows him to become giant, granting him the strength to destroy entire cities. But there is nothing special about being a giant, since many other characters have also increased their sizes, as is the case with Gigantomachia. What makes Mt. Lady special is her stamina and combat ability, as she has managed to take on all kinds of powerful opponents her size.

female characters my hero academia

Ryuko Tatsuma

For a long time, Ryuko Tatsuma was the number 9 heroine in the ranking of Japan, although in the most recent list of My Hero Academia appeared in tenth place. Still, the Dragon Hero “Ryukyu” it is powerful enough to cause problems for the highest level enemies.

your gift Form dragon allows him to transform into a huge dragon. Although his ability is not related to fire, Ryūkyū It boasts the strength, mobility, stamina, and ferocity of one of a mythological beast. Thanks to her, he has been able to face powerful giant rivals, while leading the battles from the sky.

Himiko Toga

What a surprise the community of My Hero Academia when Himiko Toga introduced us to the concept of “awakening” a gift. This means that a known ability can expand its effects after hard training and a risky situation.

Up to a point Himiko Toga She was an interesting villain because she was so daring, but she really went under the radar because she wasn’t very powerful. Even though she managed at close range with assassin techniques that allowed her to cut down her opponents, she couldn’t measure up against other powerful characters in the game. My Hero Academia they can create huge attacks in a very short time.

However, this changed after awakening. His gift, b, allows him to transform into any person whose blood he has consumed, copying his voice and even his clothes. But the awakening enhanced his ability, also allowing him to use the gift of the person he became, as long as he has an emotional connection with it.

Not only can he use the gift of others, but he was shown to have better ability, such as when he used the gift of Uraraka in a way that we had never seen in the series.

female characters my hero academia

Mirko, the rabbit My Hero Academia

Rumi Usagiyamabetter known as Mirkois the number 5 heroine in the ranking of heroes of Japan, which means that she is one of the most powerful characters in My Hero Academia.

your gift, Rabbit, allows you to do “everything a rabbit does, but better”. Therefore, he has spectacular leg strength that allows him to jump and kick like no one else. But Mirko actually shines through his personality, rather than his gift. She is a lonely heroine who rejoices at finding a challenge, and she doesn’t know what it means to give up.

For this reason, even when it seems all is lost, she can be counted on to turn things around. Thanks to her honed ability with training and her heroic way of being, Mirko He has gone toe-to-toe against the strongest characters in the series, surviving where any other would have died.

female characters my hero academia

nana shimura

We can’t talk about the strongest female characters in My Hero Academia not to mention Nana Shimura, one of the predecessors of One for All and the teacher of All Might.

Nana has a particularity with respect to the other girls on the list, and that is that she has two gifts. The first is Float, which allows him to levitate through the air. Added to this, he had all the overwhelming power of One For All, the gift of super strength, endurance and speed. Thanks to these two skills he was able to face the fearsome all for onethe only villain capable of defeating her.

the sweet Eri

the little one Eri He comes from a family of criminals known as Shie Hassaikai. However, instead of being raised as another member of the gang, she was used for experiments and kept in the shadow of the world. For this reason Eri does not know how to use his gift, which is perhaps the most powerful ability currently in My Hero Academia.

Where Eri is Rewind, an ability that allows him to turn back time in any person’s body and in a matter of seconds. With this ability you can heal a sick person or rejuvenate someone so much that become a fetus or cease to exist. With enough control, he can even rewind only certain parts, being able to permanently erase other people’s gifts.

Cathleen Bate

Until this point there were many doubts about heroes from other parts of the world. the sleeve of My Hero Academia She surprised us with Star And Stripe (Cathleen Bate), the portrayal of an American woman who wants nothing more than to be great. Perhaps as much as the person who inspired her as a young woman.

Cathleen was the number one heroine of the United States of America thanks to his gift: New Order. This ability allowed him to defy physics and logic by imposing his own rules after making contact with his target. In this way, I could alter reality to your liking, although he could only hold two rulers at the same time.

A simple rule like “I will not die” can make her immortal and leave room for a second offensive rule. In addition to this, star and stripe he was in excellent physical condition and could take on virtually any villain.

Only an unprecedented threat was able to defeat her, and even defeated, her ability was still trying to save the day. Undoubtedly one of the strongest and most significant female appearances in My Hero Academia Until now.

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