The 9 most heartbreaking phrases of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia , by Kohei Horikoshi, is a very inspiring series that does its best to give viewers hope and motivation. After all, his protagonist Izuku starts out at an incredibly low point, having been bullied and belittled by his peers regarding his dream of becoming a great hero without possessing a quirk. And despite all this, his brave heart motivates All Might enough to entrust him with One For All.

However, not everything in My Hero Academia is positive. Even heroes can hit low points, becoming negative and cynical, unable to see the bright path ahead. There is a dark side to hero society, made up of those with quirks or personalities considered unheroic. Some quotes within My Hero Academia they can be depressing or even heartbreaking as a result.

9 “Not all men are the same.” -Izuku Midoriya

“Not all men are created equal”, are Izuku’s first words in My Hero Academia. It’s a harsh truth that he is forced to accept from the start, as his optimistic personality collides with the harsh reality of the world.

This is not helped by the fact that Bakugo, Izuku’s old childhood friend, gets drunk with the power that his new quirk grants him. He not only bullies Izuku, but other kids as well, and punches Izuku when he tries to defend them.

8 “If you think you’re going to have a freak in your next life, go do a bell jump off the roof” – Katsuki Bakugolas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 1

One of Bakugo’s first sentences to Izuku in the first episode from My Hero Academia it is also one of the most toxic. After taking one of Izuku’s campus notebooks that she uses to jot down notes about the Pro Heroes, she tells Izuku that there is a chance for her to achieve her dreams.

Bakugo goes on to say that Izuko should pray to be born with a quirk in her next life and then dive off the roof of the school. It’s one thing for him to belittle Izuku and physically bully him, but telling him to end her own life is terribly dark.

7 “If I Can’t Save One Girl In Front Of Me…How Can I Expect To Be A Hero Who Saves Everyone?” -Izuku Midoriyalas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 2

When Izuku first meets Eri while on the run from Overhaul, he is immediately suspicious of him and doesn’t believe anything he says about Eri. From the way she clings to him and her general fearful demeanor, Izuku refuses to stop questioning Kai and nearly puts himself in grave danger.

Eri runs again and decides to accompany her father, it is the only thing that prevents Kai from unleashing his killing intent. Izuku has to follow her orders and stop chasing her, but he berates her for not being able to save her when she clearly needs help from her.

6 “Should We Let People Die, All In The Name Of The Law?” -Shoto Todorokilas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 3

Izuku, Iida, and Todoroki’s fight against the Hero Killer Stain isn’t easy to forget – or forgive. Even though their actions saved the lives of Iida and the Pro Hero who was with him, they are reprimanded for not having royal licenses.

Had they not stepped in and fought Stain, at least two lives would have been lost, but they are still scolded and forced to forgo any recognition lest they be punished. Todoroki’s question is totally valid and it’s a dark thought that they would have preferred the students to follow the law and let them willingly die.

5 “You’re nothing but a tool for violence made to keep us down. And violence only breeds more violence.” -Tomura Shigarakilas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 4

Although Tomura can be unstable, he does have some forceful and even truthful thoughts about the Hero Society and how it actually breeds more villainy. After all, many of the members of the League of Villains are simply people considered, either because of their powers or their personality, not fit to be heroes.

The heroes’ job is to take down the villains, which in turn only serves to fester their resentment and malice. It is the reason the League is created in the first place and why Tomura’s dream is to eradicate society and all life completely.

4 “This Whole System You’ve Built Has Always Turned Me Down.” -Tomura Shigarakilas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 5

The society of heroes helps those in need and never turns a blind eye to suffering, at least in theory. In practice, though, the heroes simply sweep those they can’t save under the rug and pretend they don’t exist.

It makes a lot of sense that the villains would be so bitter towards the society of the heroes and the Pro Heroes. It is an absolutely heartbreaking thought that the system that has supposedly been put in place to save the needy cannot do it for those who need it more than anyone else.

3 “It’s not bad to dream, but you also have to take into account what’s realistic” – Almightylas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 6

While this quote is true, it’s still one of the most disheartening lines in one of All Might’s most heartbreaking speeches. Izuku is at his lowest point and desperately needs someone, especially his childhood idol, to believe in him.

What Izuki receives instead is a harsh reality check. He is told that he cannot become a hero because he has no personality and that he should make his dream more realistic. In a genre that often preaches that you can do absolutely anything, a reality check that hard hurts.

2 “When I saw him fighting…it got me thinking. Who protects heroes when they need to be protected?” – Ochaco Urarakalas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 7

Following the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Izuku becomes incredibly cold and distant. This is to try and prevent his friends from putting themselves in harm’s way because of him, but the distance from him and his drastic personality change hurt them more than he thinks.

Given Izuku’s changed behavior, as well as how hard he is fighting, Urarake begins to question the hero system. If the hero system is in place to protect civilians, who is there to protect the heroes when they need it? They are always expected to be heroes, shining symbols of peace, and they have no others to truly trust.

1 “If Heroes Are Supposed To Save People, Then Wasn’t Jin Considered A Person? Will They Kill Me Too?” – Himiko Togalas 9 frases mas desgarradoras de my hero academia 8

Jin is one of the nicest members of the entire League of Villains. He joins her because he longs for someone to accept him as he is and ease her loneliness. Jin finds acceptance, especially in Himiko, eventually sacrificing himself to protect her from her.

This leads Himiko to start thinking on her own. Heroes and hero society are supposed to save those in need. Jin had more mental problems than almost everyone else, but he was still killed. If so, are villains not seen as people? Were they going to kill her like her friend?