The 9 most powerful characters in My Hero Academia

We show you some of the strongest characters in Boku no Hero.

The world of My Hero Academia is full of people with exceptional abilities, in fact, there are more people with quirks than people who do not have powers. This is because in this universe, the human race has evolved in such a way that it has developed new adaptations depending on Mendelian inheritance of their families.

There are several types of quirks, such as Emitter, Transform or Mutant typeIn addition, the level of power can vary depending on how dangerous it can be. In the anime of Boku no Hero we have been able to see many characters with incredible gifts, but definitely, there are some that stand out more than others and that are considered one of the most powerful of all, and we are going to show them to you in the following list.

My Hero Academia: what is the origin of the gifts?


Deku in Boku no Hero Academia

Deku’s power is much greater than expected

Obviously, Izuku Midoriya, being the bearer of One For All, becomes one of the most powerful heroes of My Hero Academianot only because he has inherited All Might’s ability very well, but because he is the only one who has had the ability to make use of all the quirks of its predecessorswhich is something All Might was never able to do.

The One For All is such a devastating power that currently, Deku only uses a percentage of it, since not controlling it and not having the physical ability can hurt himself. Midoriya can master the following gifts:

  • Unknown Gift – Second Bearer: there is an unknown gift that belonged to the second bearer of the One For All, it is possible that it will be revealed as Izuku develops his powers.
  • Fa Jin – Third Bearer: grants the ability to accumulate kinetic energy each time the same movement is performed, and can be released to deal much higher damage.
  • Danger Sensor – Fourth Bearer (Hikage Shinomori): tracks any type of threat in a given range that works like a throbbing sensation in the head. It would be something similar to Spider-Man’s spider sense.
  • Black Whip – Fifth Bearer (Daigoro Banjo: it was the first one Izuku was able to control, and one of the most useful in terms of mobility during combat. It consists of generating black rope from his body, which are composed of energy so that they can adhere to surfaces or objects.
  • Smokescreen – Sixth Bearer (In): an evasion ability that allows smoke to be created from Izuku’s body to distract the enemy or escape from sticky situations.
  • Hover – Seventh Bearer (Nana Shimura): Grants the ability to float in the air.

Despite the fact that at first glance they seem like lower-grade powers, together they become support skills that considerably improve One For All, and make Deku much more powerful than other people, being the only one capable of stopping All For. One.

Tomura Shigaraki (All For One)

boku no hero academia

Tomura Shigaraki becomes stronger with the All For One in My Hero Academia

From the beginning, Tomura Shigaraki is considered a potential threat to humanity, and his quirk confirms this. The power of “Deterioration” makes him a worthy villain of any hero, as it grants him the ability to decompose anything with his hands, including objects, surfaces, buildings, and even living beings. In fact, he can disintegrate an enemy army without having to touch them directly because he can spread deterioration from its position. In addition to this (SPOILERS)Shigaraki eventually becomes the successor of the All For One, thus acquiring the strongest abilities of this gift, then we leave you what they are:

  • Super Regeneration: he can regenerate so fast that he resists Endeavor’s flames.
  • Search (Ragdoll): allows you to see 100 people at a long distance and determine their weak points.
  • air cannon: Grants the ability to generate blasts of air from his hands.
  • Radio wave: a quirk with which he can give orders to the Nomus and block nearby communications.Rivet Thrust: it creates sharp protrusions on its body that enhance mobility and serve as weapons during combat.


Endeavor in Boku no Hero Academia

Endeavor saves many people despite his attitude in My Hero Academia

Enji Todoroki is the current Japan’s number 1 hero, and despite being considered someone with a very bad attitude, he always does his job at all costs, which has earned him that position as a hero. The emitting gift “Hell Flame” that it incorporates is perfect to adapt to long and medium range battles, and of course, the power he has is one of the most dangerous and strong, since he can burn everything in his path if he wants to.

Endeavor has stood out for its interesting movements, being the PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn one of the most powerful and flashy, because with him he was able to defeat one of the Nomus. However, other impressive features of his are his will, intellect, strength, durability, and reflexes.

Shouto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki in Boku no Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki has a very powerful quirk in My Hero Academia

The Todoroki family has shown to have some very striking traits and abilities in the world of heroes, but no one compares to Shoto Todoroki, who is even able to surpass his father because he incorporates the “Half Cold, Half Hot” Gift, which allows him to dominate Ice and Fire at the same time. In fact, his way of thinking and dealing with combat is quite authentic, in addition, he has stood out so much in the UA Academy for having received the arduous training of his father during his childhood, so it could be said that he have more experience with your gift than others Members of Class 1-A.


boku no hero academia

Dabi has powers similar to Endeavor in My Hero Academia.

For many it was no surprise that Dabi was Shoto’s lost brother, and that is because of his “Blue Flame” Quirk There had been much discussion about its origin. Definitely, he is one of the most peculiar and strong characters of Boku no Hero, because his flames can become much more powerful than those of his father’s Endeavor, while he has the ability to project them at long distances and with great intensity. Dabi has her own Prominence Burn ult, but the downside is that she inherited cold resistance from her mother instead of fire resistance, and so she can only use her abilities smartly and effectively. in short periods of time. Even so, he is considered to be a very difficult high level villain to overcome.


Mirio Togata Boku no Hero Academia

Mirio Togata would be one of the most prepared UA Academy students in My Hero Academia

In one of his first appearances it was determined the reason why he is known as one of the “Big Three”because it is the way in which he makes the most of his gift is incredible and that is why he has become one of the best students of the UA Academy. Quirk “Permeability” makes Mirio Togata intangible, but he wouldn’t be as powerful a character if he didn’t dominate their skills at 100%, because thanks to his rigorous training he has come to be considered as someone invincible on several occasions. His ability allows him evade and counterattack in a very effective wayfast and unpredictable, and we have seen that in special moves like Blinder Touch Eyeball Crush and Phantom Menace.


Edgeshot in Boku no Hero Academia

Edgeshot is one of the fastest heroes in My Hero Academia.

Shinya Kamihara’s “Folding Body” gift makes turns into a thin, sharp rope faster than the speed of sound. This character besides being the leader of the group “The Lurkers”, is also the number 4 hero of Japan.

During battles, Edgeshot can use his Quirk to pierce and bind enemiesas well as to move quickly through most places.


Gigantomachy in Boku no Hero Academia

Gigantomachy is one of the most powerful quirk characters in My Hero Academia.

After serving All For One, Gigantomachia has sworn allegiance to Shigaraki.. If in doubt, her powers are unmatched by anyone because she is a person who was genetically modified to acquire various gifts that significantly improve your physical condition, such as:

  • Endurance: it is the original gift, it transforms morale into resistance and strength.
  • Pain Blocker: blocks all kinds of pain.
  • Gigantification: allows you to increase your overall size depending on your stress, emotion, or agitation.
  • Dog: improves the sense of smell and hearing.
  • Energy saving: Gigantomachia can perform in combat and resist with little food and hydration.
  • Fierce Profits: it hardens the muscles in an incredible way.
  • Mole: It grants claws, spines on the back and protection of the face, which makes it have perfect conditions to pierce obstacles or dig under the surface.

These would be some of the strongest characters in boku no heroalthough you could also meet one of the most hated anime.

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