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Kohei Horikoshi, author of Boku no Hero Academia, talks about his new purchase and it’s a book of girls enjoying tasty food.

Currently the author of boku no hero academiaeither My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshihas been so busy with the end of the Serie that you have time without sharing anything in your account in Twitter. However, from time to time he makes one or another comment in one of the sections of Weekly Shōnen Jump of Shueisha. That’s what he did in issue #38, which is the most recent, and he talked about one of his newest purchases.

What Horikoshi commented was “I bought the TabeGirl art book I was interested in. It would be so much fun if he could draw like this”. What is she talking about? Well, it’s nothing less than TabeGirl: The Art of JUNwork of the Japanese artist Jun (@navigavi), which contains illustrations of girls enjoying various dishes. At first she published her designs through her account on Twitter and accompanied by hashtags TabeGirl.

The author of Boku no Hero Academia is interested in… girls eating?

TabeGirl in Japanese it is タベガール and it literally means “girl eating”. Many artists soon took up the idea and shared their drawings with this hashtags. Since then Jun keep using it and sharing new illustrations. In these, a pair of sisters is usually repeated, where the older one steals the food from the younger one. TabeGirl: The Art of JUN is available for sale in Japan from July 21.

The quality of the work Jun it’s pretty good. Of course, the author of boku no hero academia he still draws very well. But his comments suggest that he admires what this illustrator has done. He already drew the characters of him eating just for the pleasure of doing it but without relation to TabeGirl. It should be noted that for now it is only available in Japanese but this year it will reach the West thanks to the publisher Denpa, LLC.

The author of Boku no Hero Academia is interested in… girls eating?

A few months ago this company announced that it will publish it abroad and that will be on October 18. Its price will be $29.95 dollars and it has 128 pages. As expected it will be available in English but that will make it more accessible than the original. If you are interested reservations are open in amazon. This way they will be able to know what fascinates the author of boku no hero academia of the work of Junwhich is a lot of fun.

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Kohei Horikoshi currently works at the end of the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and company. No one knows what he will do next. Thanks to ANN by additional details Already @WSJ_manga by The advertisement.

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