The cliffhanger prepares Deku to go down in history!

The final chapters of the series set the stage for the climax of the Final Act saga, as the heroes run out of options. Shigaraki and All For One continue to grow in strength and despair, and they are preparing to put an end to it all. But despite all this, Deku refuses to back down.

In the last chapter of the series, we see Deku getting ready for his final fight against Shigaraki. It looks like we’re getting a little closer to the number one hero that Deku mentioned at the start of the series. The final moments of the chapter may be setting the fight up, but they are also preparing Deku to go down in history as a hero. It turns out that the Business Course has always filmed everything that has happened so far, and is even filming this final battle.

How will Deku go down in history?

In My Hero Academia Chapter 379, Deku pushes Shigaraki off the UA Academy battleground, and it is revealed that the Business Course’s camera is still focused on him. Before the fight against Shigaraki began, it was revealed that their role in the battle was not to offer a direct path of support, but rather to make sure to film everything that happens in order to properly document the fight for future generations. This is the only advantage they have over the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War.

If Deku manages to fight against Shigaraki and even win, and it ends up being saved, he will definitely go down in history and become a top hero. It’s what he needs after everything that happened during his phase Darth Deku, and he hopes to win back the hearts and minds of everyone he ends up saving by defeating Shigaraki. Naturally, that’s easier said than done and it remains to be seen if it’s Deku who delivers the final blow.