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The National Interprofessional Center for Dairy Economics (Cniel) recently launched a vast communication campaign to seduce the younger generations, with a manga and an advertising spot.

The Cniel Board of Directors has validated its roadmap for 2023-2025, which is very focused on the social and environmental responsibility (CSR) of the companies it represents. “We have a progress approach which is based in particular on the attractiveness of professions within the sector and the decarbonization of our production chain, from the farmer to the final product”, indicates Caroline Le Poultier, Managing Director of Cniel.

To support this strategy, we therefore had to roll out a vast communication campaignn,” she adds. This will take the form of television spots, with the objective of “marking a generation “. In the 1980s, Generation X had been greatly influenced by the “Let’s eat milk” advertisement with the slogan “Dairy products: our friends for life”. Almost twenty years later in 1998, Generation Xennials immersed themselves in a more sensual scenography depicting dairy products delivering “pure sensations”. Finally, in 2009, Generation Y was treated to the revisited fable of the three little pigs with “Paf Paf Paf Le Loup”. The objective today is to target generations Z (people born between 1997 and 2010) and Alpha who will be 20 years old in 2030.

Dairy products serve history

It’s about sticking to the trends of the time “, explains Adrien Dinh, director of marketing and influence strategy at Cniel. That of Generation Y was raised on Pixar 3D animated films like Ice Age, Schrek or Nemo. The Z and Alpha generations are fed on manga: One Piece, Demon Slayer, MyHero Academia. Hence the idea of ​​luring this class of 13-25 year olds through a manga and an advertising spot inspired by this Japanese comic strip. ” Especially since France is the second country in the world that consumes the most manga after Japan and ahead of the United States. “says Adrien Dinh.

Sales have more than doubled over the past three years. This manga written and illustrated by the French author Mickaël Krikorian features a young Mukaï man forced to take over the farm from his grandfather, Fumiko, who has become blind. ” Here, dairy products serve the story, because we want to create a brand universe. » Pre-tests were carried out with publishers, distributors and influencers for the distribution of this manga. The feedback is positive and Fnac is going to make it the manga of the month. The sales of the manga should be used to finance other series to retain this readership. ” We are considering a follow-up in a volume II where it will be a question of cheese processing, and a volume III where environmental protection will be central. “, underlines Adrien Dinh. As for the advertising spot in the form of a manga, it will be broadcast in programs very popular with 13-25 year olds such as Quotidien, Star Academy or Danse avec les stars. It will use the now cult slogan: “Dairy products: our friends for life. ” Post-tests are also planned and one of the indicators of the success of this series will be the volume of sales of the manga.

Christophe Soulard

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