The creator of My Hero Academia transforms all the characters into Mirko

The heroes of My Hero Academia have turned into Mirko to celebrate the year of the rabbit.

Kohei Horikoshi has dressed up the heroes of My Hero Academia as Mirko to commemorate the new year.

The My Hero Academia universe is full of unique characters with extremely extraordinary abilities that have made them stand out, since the gifts or peculiarities that they possess make them stand out from the rest.

Mirko has been one of the characters that has been most standout of the entire series and this because of his quirkcalled rabbitas this allows him to turn into a rabbit, granting him the distinctive characteristics and abilities of one.

Recently, to commemorate the new year, Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of this incredible work, has transformed all characters into Mirko. Next, we tell you the details.

The heroes of My Hero Academia have transformed into Mirko to celebrate the new year

Horikoshi has dressed up the heroes of My Hero Academia in Mirko to commemorate the new year

Horikoshi has dressed up the heroes of My Hero Academia in Mirko to commemorate the new year

The first cut of the sixth season of My Hero Academia has closed with a flourish, as it has had an incredible success thanks to his countless revelationssince in this part it has been Dabi’s true identity revealedcompletely surprising everyone.

The arduous battle against the League of Villains has been very useful for many of the heroes to have acquired new power-ups, such as Deku who has awakened an incredible new quirk what happened to him much benefit when fighting.

On the other hand, like other mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi has decided to make a amazing illustration to celebrate the new yeardressing the heroes of this series as Mirko, as it should be noted that this 2023 is the year of the rabbitwhich is why Horikoshi has made this drawing, since one of his heroes has a peculiar gift.

Horikoshi has shared this illustration through his Twitter account called @horikoshikoin which you can observe the students of the UA with the distinctive Mirko outfit.

In this image you can see Deku, Kirishima, Uraraka, Shoto, and Jiro, with Mirko’s heroine outfit. In addition, Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko) can also be seen wearing a yukata referencing the legend of the moon rabbit. On the one hand, Bakugo, always maintaining his typical detached and cold personalitywears another type of clothing, but without being left out of this hilarious illustration by Horikoshi.

With this humorous illustration, Horikoshi has wished a happy new year to his followerstaking full advantage of the popularity of Mirko who has been key in this image by having the same gift that represents the current year.

There is no doubt that My Hero Academia has had a really productive and interesting year, since this series has entered its final stretch revealing the biggest secrets that it harbored the plot. Likewise, current events have taken an unexpected turn, giving indications that there is still much to see of the fierce battle between heroes and villains.

Undoubtedly this year as well. will be a great success and revelations for My Hero Academiasince the most interesting events in the series will be addressed, which little by little has escalated to unimaginable levels, being complete chaos.

What is happening in the sixth season

My Hero Academia season six

My Hero Academia season six

The current events in the first cut of the sixth season have taken an unexpected coursesince the villains have managed to escape the control of the heroes, thanks to an incredible feat of Mr. Compress who has sacrificed himself so that they could flee.

These events have cornered the heroes and forced them to acquire new skills to face in battlesince, in the middle of this, Bakugo has revealed a new name and powerdemonstrating the great development that this young man is having.

There have been many casualties on both sides, as this combat has become extremely chaotic. It should be noted that the situation could still worsen in the second cut, since in this one could see a shady version of a major hero.