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This weekend the martyrdom called the fifth season of My Hero Academia… And before this is misunderstood: the author of this beloved text loves My Hero Academia and there is even a video on Code Spaghetti where we rave about its protagonist (see below).

That said, the fifth season is precisely a disastrous way to show all the benefits and all the achievements that he has achieved Kohei Horikoshi as an author, but it is also the sample of how an anime can completely change the vision about a story just by poorly handling the original material.

What did the fifth season of My Hero Academia adapt?

This season spanned approximately from Chapter 194, which is when Class A and B clash and Shinzo intends to enter the hero course, and ended up in a mix of the Chapters 258 and 254, which marks the beginning of the heroes’ war against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Well, this seems like something perfectly adaptable within a 25 chapter anime. That is to say. We have approximately 50 manga chapters to put into 25 weekly anime pieces. Which, on average, would give us two pieces of sleeve for each. But but…

Was it really necessary to have so much time fighting that they didn’t even tell us anything? | Source: Bones

At the beginning we have a filler chapter that, in my opinion, seemed a preparation because the events that occur from this moment on are key to the emotional development of the characters in My Hero Academia, in addition to confirming Horikoshi as a mangaka who dispenses with senseless action to give a bit of words to everything he was forging.

Especially, the backstories of the Todoroki family, as well as Shigaraki, Dabi and of course Midoriya and their relationship with All For One, have an important development and weight throughout these 50 manga chapters; but this happened disastrously in the anime, and instead of having a leisurely pace throughout the entire season, Bones decided that the Class A and Class B fights would take 11 episodes of the total.

This left us with only 14 chapters to watch, at the same time, the merger between Detnerat company and the Villains Association; the traumas of Shoto and his brothers, as well as Endeavor’s vindication campaign; the Shigaraki origin story; the restructuring of the Heroes Association; the Detnerat’s secret mission for the liberation of superpowers; the new secrets of All For One y el One For All and the prelude to the greatest battle to date.

The Shigaraki vs. Re Destro fight didn’t even have time to explain itself | Source: Bones

Sounds like a lot, right? Well it is. It is too much information and not only is it a lot, but all of it is valuable. If during all these years the manga of My Hero Academia has been gaining a reputation beyond being a shonen More prototypical, it is exactly through these steps that his mangaka took, to give us an interesting story beyond their fights.

How to adapt a manga to the bad

We already know how the fill in this industry. It’s a strategy to get more profitable content from successful franchises. However, this system has changed a lot in today’s industry.

With the new way of working of the studios in seasonal programs, animes have the possibility of adapting in a much better way to the original material, either in short and finished sleeves, such as Kimetsu no Yaiba, or in current works and with a possible promising future, such as JuJutsu Kaisen.

However, it seems that the fifth season of My Hero Academia It was designed to have sea fill… but this is no longer possible. Having programs running for years on a regular basis is virtually impossible for any current franchise, and for good reason. It is enough to see, just, everything what Toei Animation has done over the decades to understand why it is necessary for both mangakas and animators to have a less demanding work environment.

It is not understandable why the most important parts of this season and these arcs had to be compressed so much, much less why use three chapters simply as filler, when the story demanded another way of being produced. It may come straight from The biggest influence Toho had within the fifth season, or that it was simply an error in the planning, or directly the director did not see it prudent to pay attention to everything that in the manga has such a great weight.

And it will be the serene, what is a fact is that we will enter a sixth season with barely the context of many things that are not only decisive, but also set the course for the future end of all manga, which is currently at a climatic point … even bigger than it was a year ago.

The coming battle is brutal and huge | Source: Bones

It seems even repetitive to say it, a hateful cliché, but if that is the way it will continue to be anime production, with movies and promo getting more attention than the core of the story itself, It is time to reject the anime again and return to the manga … because yes, the manga is better (for now).


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