The first mods arrive at MultiVersus, and add franchises like My Hero Academia, The Boys or Persona to the game

It may come as a surprise at first glance how quickly the modding community has jumped on the modding bandwagon. MultiVersus, but, seeing the numbers that he has been cultivating, the truth is that it is quite logical. Warner’s Smash Bros. is a phenomenon, and that’s why many creators are presenting his first mods for the game.

The mods that we are going to see today allow you to replace the appearance of some characters with that of others. That is, if for example you add the All Might mod, this will replace superman in your character roster. Keep in mind that using mods in an online game always has some risk, but it is very, very unlikely that you will be penalized for using these mods as they only change the way your character looks from your point of view. Continuing with the example of All Might, the players you face will see Superman.

On the other hand, installing and uninstalling mods is very, very easy. you just have to follow the following steps:

  • extract the .pak files of each mod.
  • Go to the folder where you have MultiVersus installed and enter your Paks folder, normally you can find it in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MultiVersus\MultiVersus\Content\Paks
  • Create a folder there called ~mods.
  • Put the .pak files inside this folder.

If what you want is to uninstall a mod, you just have to delete the .pak file from the ~mods folder.

Best MultiVersus Mods

Futaba, from Persona 5

Futaba Multiversus

We’re off to a strong start, because the Phantom Thieves don’t want to miss out on the milk festival that is MultiVersus. With this mod, you will replace velmathe supporting character of Scooby-Doo, by Futaba Sakura, one of the most beloved and important characters in person 5.

Homelander by The Boys

Homelander Multiversus

How could it be otherwise? Superman also has skins customized, and this one from Homelander will delight all fans of The Boys. I hope you’ll be a little nicer than him if we ever meet in an online game.

All Might, from My Hero Academia

All Might Multiversus

Since I mentioned it in the description, I wasn’t going to leave you without this mod. Again, replaces superman, although in this case by a much nicer man than Homelander. Now it’s your turn to do good, even if it’s by hitting your enemies tremendously.

Link from The Legend of Zelda

Link Multiversus

Replaced Wonder WomanLink, the favorite mute hero of many takes a vacation from being in Smash Bros. to go through MultiVersus. Of course, this mod is, according to its author, half finishedso if you notice something strange, it may have to do with the state of its development.

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Midoriya Multiversus

Another of the My Hero Academia characters has sneaked into Warner’s party fighter. In this case it is Midoriya, the protagonist of the series, who comes to replace shaggy to get involved with sticks with everything in front of him. The author of the mod warns that this does not have team colors, so you will have to disable them for it to work well.

Batman from Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond Multiversus

Can we agree that the best Batman is Batman Beyond? Yes? Well come on, enjoy this mod. Obviously replace the Batman’s default skin to bring you one of its coolest and most popular iterations. You have two options, one to use it with a red cape, and one to use it with a black cape.

Waluigi from Super Mario

Waluigi Multiverse

Since Nintendo does not give him a place in the Smash, he will have to be invited to MultiVersus. The one who is objectively the coolest and most handsome character in the Super Mario saga also has a place in this party fighter, and he does replacing Shaggy. A very appropriate choice, I also tell you.

Pepsiman, from… Pepsi

Pepsiman Multiversus

This is the internet, and memes and shitposting can’t be left out of any kind of category, not even MultiVersus mods. Pepsiman replaces Superman to give you a most refreshing summer based on slapping. It is certainly one of the most bizarre mods to date.