The Japanese have elected their favorite opening of the year 2022, and it is not that of season 4 of Attack on Titan

During December 2022, the Japanese site Anime! Anime!, a site specialized, as you can imagine, in anime, asked its readers to vote for their favorite opening of the year. Hundreds of votes later, we get a fresh, beautiful ranking that we share with you here. The surprise is the absence of The Rumblingthe opening of The attack of the Titansas well as the opening of Bleach.

10. BOCCHI THE ROCKSeishun Complex by Kessoku Band

One anime which tells the story of a young girl passionate about guitar, Hitori, who, following her meeting with Nijika Ijichi, decides to set up her group, Kessoku Band. It’s about music, so obviously the opening is canon.

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10. (tied) Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercuryshukufuku by Yoasobi

It is possible to get lost with all the anime Mobile Suit Gundam that have existed since its inception. But one thing is certain, at each, the opening is masterful and The Witch from Mercury proves it again.

8. Lycoris Recoil – Alive by clare

Young girls transformed into overtrained elite agents, it’s not new, but this opening remains pleasant to listen to.

8. (tied) Ya Boy Kongming! – Chikichiki Banban by Queendom

Still unavailable on French platforms, Ya Boy Kongming!, which tells the story of a former great military strategist propelled into the modern world helping a young artist, offers here one of the best openings of the year. Alas, he is only 8th.

6. Heroines Run the Show – Julietta by Lip×Lip

One anime about a young manager who finds herself in the same league as the self-indulgent pop star duo she works for. It’s fun, and the opening is cool. Nothing more to add here.

6. (tied) My Hero Academia Season 6 – Hitamuki by Super Beaver

One of the most beautiful openings of the year for one of the best seasons of My Hero Academia. The animation is perfect, the music too and we don’t ask for anything more.

5. Blue Lock – Chaos ga Kiwamaru by Unison Square Garden

The surprise of the year, which accompanied the Japanese selection at the 2022 World Cup, balances a first season 1 for the moment impeccable. Thanks to this opening of superior quality guaranteed without rind, our ego is boosted and it’s a pleasure.

4. Tiger and Bunny 2 – kaleido proud fiesta by Unison Square Garden

An old superhero must train a new one in a world where all supermen are part of a great reality show followed by millions of viewers, here is the synopsis of tiger and bunny. Season 2 still works just as well and its opening too.

3. When Will Ayumu Make His Move? – Kakehiki wa Poker Face by Kana Hanazawa

One anime about shogi and a hidden love affair. If you like chess games and love stories, then you will be served.

2. SPY x FAMILY – Mixed Nuts by Official HIGE Dandism

The opening of season 1 of one of the bangers of the year is obviously on the podium.

1. Chainsaw Man – KICK BACK by Kenshi Yonezu

chain saw man is clearly the best anime of 2022. It breaks all records, crushes The attack of the Titans and we’re only waiting for one thing, it’s season 2. In the meantime, we’re listening on repeat Kickbackelected the best opening of the year.