The My Hero Academia anime has in Dabi’s dance one of the best episodes of its history

I can say very satisfied that at the narrative level this sixth season of “My Hero Academia“I am very much compensated for what I hated in the fifth season. It is not only a matter of the fact that the piece of war we are seeing is being quite interesting, but that very, very striking things are being revealed. Precisely, if I have to stay with something at the story level, I do it without a doubt with what happened today the episode of ‘The dance of Dabi’.

Few things in My Hero Academia like what has been seen of Dabi today

I truly believe that before commenting on it, it is worth looking at it again, because of course it this clip that I leave you below from “My Hero Academia” is certainly worth its weight in gold:

And since I think there are some really interesting little things in this episode, I’ll break it all down below:

  • To start, the revelation that Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki, Endeavor’s eldest son who was supposedly killed in a fire several years earlier. ❗
  • Endeavor has always been a truly conflicted character, but one that eventually seemed to turn the page. Nevertheless, the ghosts of his past have appeared today to break him into a thousand pieces. ✔️
  • In the end, it is exactly what Dabi says: ‘You sow what you reap‘, and as much as Endeavor has spent time trying to stop being who he was, the reality was that his previous actions still had no consequences real. And boy have they had them today. ❗
  • But the episode isn’t just incredible because of the full circle that Dabi’s revelation represents, but also because of how it broadcasts all of it on a global scale for sow doubt in the organization of the heroes. My Hero Academia has always liked play with the grays of society, and although he had not done it for a long time, he has returned to it in style. ✔️

It is clear that a bit was missing for everything to go as Dabi had calculated in a plan that had clearly been brewing for some time, so once again this sixth season leaves everything up in the air. I doubt that at the story level we are going to see something more bulky than this week, but with Machia on stage and Dabi well lit, it seems to me that at least in the next episode there will still be action from the tocha.

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