The My Hero Academia anime is in one of its best moments… and at the same time not

My Hero Academia“has gradually put the plot that personally interested me the most in the anime on track: the Deku against Shigarakior what is the same, the One For All against the All For One. Because in the end, for me what is truly important is to see the outcome of the confrontation of two Gifts developed over multiple generations to counteract each other. For that part I’m happy with the anime, but for another I have to say that I’m not so much with bones.

My Hero Academia hasn’t quite bought me with its anime for a while

With the introduction done, I want to comment quickly why I’ve been with “My Hero Academia” for a season and something that doesn’t convey the same thing to me that at the beginning of the adaptation:

  • The plot, as I say, is at a point that has me quite bought. Essentially, the great war of heroes and villains that I was looking for and that seemed to me that it had been necessary for a long time to enliven the story is being fulfilled. ✔️
  • Characters like Aizawawith the moment of cutting the leg, or bakugofinally acknowledging his feelings and intentions towards DekuThese are moments that I found very interesting. ✔️
  • The process of converting shigaraki In the monster that it is now, I also found it very striking. What doesn’t quite convince me is simply production by Bones. ❌
  • Let’s be honest, if My Hero Academia ended up blowing it so hard, it’s because at the beginning the anime freaked out a lot of people because of how it was animated. This is so, in an action shonen the main thing is that the battles are represented with a minimum, and My Hero Academia At the beginning, he set quality standards that launched him among the best in the industry. ❗
  • However, since Bones has started making movies, specials and others regularly, in addition to other projects that the company logically has such as Mob Psycho 100 (to all this, an anime that has crushed My Hero Academia in terms of quality this same season), little by little things have not been the same. ❌
  • Both artistically and character design I think Bones’s work is still very good, but as far as really getting people excited with the action… i just feel like that Plus Ultra from the beginning has been lost. ❗

It does not seem to me in any way that it is being a bad season of “My Hero Academia”, but at the same time At the production level, I see that it is only going ‘well’ when, taking into account what we are seeing, it should be something that will send everyone to the RRSS to shout how incredible it is.. The next episode also looks like it will be very interesting in terms of the plot, but I hope it’s not the only thing that makes me want to continue watching the anime.

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