The My Hero Academia manga brings back a beloved character. With a new look!

Watch out, spoilers! In this text you will find spoilers for manga 339. If you are not up to date with My Hero Academia, leave the article immediately.

My Hero Academia continues his obsession with wanting to run before learning to crawl, but at least it is delighting us with some other interesting moment that has even put a smile on our faces. The manga number 339 (which is said soon, but there are already a few) has brought back a character that we have not seen in a long time: Mei Hatsume, the fan’s favorite engineer.

It’s all happened, and it’s a bit strange to see her suddenly like this a bit of a surprise, but the final battle needs all possible allies and it is imperative that the most powerful heroes appear in order to finish off. the villains that are still alive around the world. It is difficult to ensure what role to play Hatsume in that conflict, of course, and more considering that other more powerful characters have fallen in combat like nothing. But at least our favorite characters now have one more ally in their ranks.

And he has even come up with a new look under his arm, which we will leave you below thanks to the fact that a Twitter user has captured the exact fragment:

A renewed return

Now wear new creations And, at least on our part, it is much better designed than before. The final battle is near and more allies arrive for our beloved protagonists, who after knowing who the traitor was they were a bit desolate for the loss of one of his colleagues from Class 1-A. That vacancy is now filled again, let’s hope Hatsume comes armed to the teeth or at least with the essential ideas to make things easier.