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Perhaps most of us had a deja vu last night, after all, we saw the character again Katsuki Bakugou of the franchise boku no hero academia (My Hero Academia) back in trends. We already know that the leaks of the next edition of the magazine appear on Thursdays Weekly Shōnen Jumpand given that last week’s episode showed the character’s supposed death, the fact that he was trending again could only mean one thing: death was not certain.

According to what can be obtained from the leaks, apparently the professional hero Shinya Kamiharabetter known as Edgeshotrenowned for his power to control the thinness of his body and stretch his limbs at the speed of sound. The alleged leaks indicate that the hero “is going to sacrifice” to become the heart of Bakugo, although the translations are not entirely confirmed.

At the end of the day, be that as it may, you can be sure that Bakugo’s death is not certain, as was intuited from the beginning. After all, few authors of the Weekly Shōnen Jump and of the shonen demographic in general, they are hesitant to assassinate main characters in their works unless it is “necessary for the plot” or they take the enemy with them.

And what have the fans said about it? Let’s review some of the most prominent comments:

  • «Bakugo the next chapter: “Surprise bitches. Did they think they’d seen the last of me?».
  • «Edgeshot and Best Jeanist please save my husbando right away».
  • «Bakugo continues to appear in every panel of the chapter. Do you think Horikoshi would keep showing a dead person for no reason?».
  • «Currently Dabi is just exposed muscle and bone. Do you really think that it doesn’t make sense then that they can resurrect Bakugo?».
  • «Shigaraki looks overly calm and isn’t bothered by Edgeshot’s plan. “To do something so pointless…” Something is going to go wrong. Izuku has to come back for this to work».
  • «Rule number 678 of the anime: For a character with a gigantic fandom to die, it has to be in the most epic scene of the franchise, taking with him the enemy on duty or helping the protagonist with a power-up or weakening the enemy».
  • «And why, with such a complicated method, did they not revive Sir Nighteye, who did contribute more importance to the plot than that piece of ox that sweats nitroglycerin?».
  • «Hopefully, with his resurrection, the character will leave behind that childish and castrous attitude of his, but we know that it won’t be like that. So the only thing I ask is that you at least have a little fear of death from now on or that you stay out of the battle momentarily, because it doesn’t make sense that a character who lost a lot of blood, broke who knows how many bones, and whose blood stopped circulating for a long time came back just like that without any consequence».
  • «Pure dirty click bait, what bothers me is not that Bakugo didn’t die, the bad thing here is that they elaborate a death for a main character and cause suspense and then save him with something that had a 1% chance of working, that resource already it is very burned».
  • «Well, the work has already lost credibility and it doesn’t come with the bakugo ñimi nimi this and that, I don’t dislike the character in itself. But now every time a situation is shown where someone is surely going to die, you will have the “they will revive him anyway”. I think it could have been a good closure for Bakugo and it would have given a bit of how cruel and real the situation is, being able to develop the green hair and stop trying to evangelize the villain with “I was like you” nonsense.».
  • «Too bad, honestly dead would have been better, the first interesting thing that happens in Boku no Hero Academia and the female fandom as always going to load it».
  • «Damn shonen manga, the mangakas never have the balls to kill their main characters and end up reviving them a few chapters later».
  • «As always another author who does not have the balls to kill a main character and takes a script to revive him».
  • «Imagine sacrificing a good character like Edgeshot to “revive” because it makes no sense to the worst character in Boku no Hero Academia».
  • «Now it turns out that Best Jeanist is a surgeon, long live the power of the script».
  • «You have ten minutes to avoid damage to the brain due to lack of irrigation, let’s see if it’s very cool».
  • «No, how did they bring Bakugou back?! And all my books that I burned for him? Horikoshi, this can’t be possible, no! Give me back what I burned. This is inexcusable! My money! How could you do this to me Horikoshi?».
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Synopsis of Boku no Hero Academia

The emergence of “Quirks”, newly discovered superpowers, has increased steadily over the years, with 80 percent of humanity possessing various abilities, from manipulating elements to shapeshifting. This leaves the rest of the world completely powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one of those individuals. Ever since he was a boy, the ambitious high school student has wanted nothing more than to be a hero. Izuku’s unjust fate leaves him admiring the heroes and taking notes on them whenever he can. But it seems that his persistence has borne some fruit: Izuku meets the number one hero and his personal idol, All Might. All Might’s Quirk is a unique ability that can be inherited, and he has chosen Izuku as his successor!

After enduring many months of grueling training, Izuku enrolls at UA Academy, a prestigious prep school famous for its excellent hero training program, and this year’s freshmen look especially promising. With his strange but talented classmates and the looming threat of an evil organization, Izuku will soon learn what it really means to be a hero.

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