The war breaks out in the return of “My Hero Academia” –

The war is very close, with heroes and villains preparing for the final clash.

“My Hero Academia” (Boku no Hero Academia) will arrive this year with its sixth seasonwhich will adapt one of the most celebrated manga arcs created by Kohei Horikoshi to witness the “Paranormal Liberation War”.

With a view to the premiere of this new cycle, scheduled for the next October 1stthis weekend a trailer was released that anticipates this shocking event that will mark a before and after in the life of “Deku” and the young heroes of the UA Academy

Nothing will be the same when the war ends, in a conflict that will have the inevitable confrontation between “Deku” and “Tomura”, the “One For All” against the “All For One”.

The adaptation of the eighteenth plot arc of the manga anticipates a big confrontation with very high costs, including painful betrayals, in the clash of the heroes against the villains organized in the “Paranormal Liberation Front”, led by “Tomura Shigaraki”, the heir of “All For One”.

The preview also lets you hear the main theme of the season entitled Hitamuki”which is interpreted by super beaver.

The story created by Horikoshi, transformed into an international phenomenon, presents us a world in which 80 percent of the planet’s population has powers or “gifts”allowing the birth of heroes and, of course, villains.

In that scenario, our protagonist “Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya” dreams of being a hero, but is faced with a harsh reality: he has no powers. His life changes when he meets the symbol of peace, “All Might”, after which he manages to enter the UA Academy, a prestigious school where young people train to be heroes.

Looking ahead to the next cycle, you can relive the previous seasons of the anime in streaming Crunchyroll.