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It is well known to fans of Koheo Horikoshi’s work that many of the characters of My Hero Academia They are based on heroes and villains from Marvel and DC Comics, something that the mangaka has always been proud of, since he is a faithful follower of the comic mainstream superheroic. So that you have no doubts, below we introduce you to all the characters of Boku no Hero inspired by those seen in the comics of both publishers.

Toru Hagakure – Sue Storm

One of the funniest students in the Academia U. A., the imperceptible Toru Hagakure, is directly inspired by Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. Not only are the abilities of both superheroines quite similar, even the young student’s hero name is a clear reference to Mr. Fantastic’s wife: Invisible Girl.

Powers of insivility! | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

Yu Takeyama – Atom

Yu Takeyama, better known as Mt. Lady, is the professional superhero no. 23, since he was able to achieve thanks to his gigantification powers. This ability can also be found in one of the DC Comics heroes: Atom, who can get bigger (and smaller) at will. It is worth mentioning that this beautiful justice could also be inspired by Ant-Man, a character with similar powers seen in the marvel comics.

Nothing like the powers of gantification | Image: Bones / DC Comics

Overhaul – Molecule Man

Overhaul is not only about one of the most dangerous villains in My Hero Academia, is also one of the most powerful beings in the entire series. This is due to his Gift, which allows him to arm and disarm any object, dead or alive, just by touching it. This ability is very similar to that of the Marvel Comics antagonist, Molecule Man., who can manipulate the materiality of any object simply by wishing to do so.

Two powers capable of disintegrating material reality | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

Uravity – Gravity Kid

Ochako Uraraka She is a fairly special Class 1-A student, as she is able to suspend objects in the air due to her gravitational manipulation powers. A very similar power is possessed by the Gravity Kid, a secondary superhero in DC Comics. that he is able to affect the gravity of objects by concentrating his mental energy on them.

Nothing like powers that allow you to manipulate gravity | Image: Bones / DC Comics

Froppy – Frog Man

Froppy It is one of the most bizarre waifus of all My Hero Academia, and this is due to its amphibian powers, with which it can breathe underwater as well as use its tongue as a weapon. These characteristics refer us directly to Frog Man, a second-order villain who has appeared in the Spider-Man comics (one of the favorite heroes of Kohei Horikoshi). Interestingly, the color palette of both characters is identical.

Even in the color palette they are similar! | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

Hawks – Hawkman

Keigo Takami, better known as Hawks, is the professional hero no. 3 of Musutafu and to a great extent this is due to his ability to fly, which is a natural consequence of his anatomy composed of a pair of extensive wings. His physique is very similar to that of Hawkman, hero of DC Comics that also uses its wings to be able to glide. It’s worth mentioning that Hawks could also be inspired by Angel, the winged mutant from the X-Men.

Two powerful flying beings | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

Lemillion – Kitty Pride

Lemillion, in addition to his incredible strength, has a very particular Gift, which allows him to become intangible as long as he holds his breath. This ability is identical to the one possessed by Kitty Pride, a star member of the X-Men that can pass through any solid object just by touching it.

Both are capable of becoming intangible | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

Endeavor – Jhonny Storm

Endeavor is one of the most ardent characters of My Hero Academia, and we do not say this only for his overwhelming sensuality, but for his Gift, which allows him to burn with flames worthy of a Sun. This ability is analogous to the one possessed by Jhonny Storm, the member of the Fantastic Four who is able to engulf his body in fire without being affected by it.

Two extremely fiery characters … literally speaking | Image: Shueisha / Marvel Comics

All For One – Rogue

All For One is one of the most powerful characters to have appeared in My Hero Academia and all thanks to his gift, with whom he shares the name. With this ability, the villain can steal the powers of any other being, a clear reference to Rogue, the mutant who can copy the powers of the superhumans around her. Interestingly, neither of these two, in addition to their own forces, possess any other offensive ability.

Characters focused on stealing the abilities of others | Image: Bones / Marvel Comics

All Might – Superman

If there is a character in My Hero Academia that represents goodness, hope, and enormous strength that is All Might, the most powerful hero Musutafu has ever seen. This character refers us directly to Superman, the fan-favorite Kryptonian of DC Comics, and a being who has served as inspiration to create other powerful protagonists of works of fiction such as Goku, from Dragon Ball, the Sentry, from Marvel Comics.

The most powerful beings in their respective cities | Image: Bones / DC Comics

As you can see, there are many characters in Marvel and DC Comics in which Kohei Horikoshi was inspired to create the heroes and villains of his own work. Although in the West this genre is the daily bread, superheroes as such have never been so popular in the East, but thanks to this and other works (we are seeing you, One Punch-Man), it is increasingly common to see guys with leggings and capes on the sleeves and anime that belong to the shonen.

And you, what other characters in My Hero Academia do you think they were based on heroes or villains from Marvel and DC?


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