These are the couples that could be formed in My Hero Academia

We show you which would be the characters that can be in love in Boku no Hero Academia.

Since the students of Class 1-A joined the UA Academy hThey have created a great bond that unites them by friendship, but in some cases it could also reach a next level, and yes, we are talking about love relationships. On various occasions there are certain characters who have had a connection with each otherand that they will probably become a couple in the future.

As with many popular anime, it is possible that after this story ends, another will begin with a new generation where we see the children of the first Heroes of My Hero Academia. If you are wondering what could be the couples that can be formed in the course of this story, we are going to leave you some speculations that are possibly correct sometime.

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Izuku Midoriya and Uraraka Ochako

Midoriya and Uraraka

Midoriya and Uraraka could end up together in My Hero Academia

From the first moment that Midoriya and Uraraka met, they have shown that they feel something for each other. The two of them get very nervous when they are together and are always protective of each other, in fact, their personalities mesh very well because they are shy, kind and politeand they would even make a good combat partner due to Midoriya’s Quirk being offensive, while Uraraka’s is defensive.

Izuku Midoriya and Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga using her power

Himiko Toga becomes Uraraka to persuade Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Although Midoriya and Uraraka’s love is something quite obvious, things can change drastically from one moment to another, and one of those plot twists could be for Himiko Toga to end up in a relationship with Izuku Midoriya. Although she is an enemy who has foiled the plans of the Heroes along with the League of Villains on several occasions, it is possible that she will reconsider and change sides because has shown to have an obsession with Midoriya. This wouldn’t be entirely crazy. in other cases traitors have been seen that they change course to get what they want, and Toga might do it to prove to Midoriya that she is worthy of his love.

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Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu

Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu

Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu are the perfect couple of My Hero Academia

It would not be a surprise if Todoroki and Momo were a couple during this journey, since they are characters that they admire each other a lot, and we have been able to see this every time training sessions are held where the two put their performance to the test. On the one hand, Momo is struck by Shoto’s incredible confidence when facing enemies, and on the other, Shoto is impressed by Momo’s intelligence. Similarly, both They have a lot in commonsuch as his leadership ability, powerful quirks, financial stability, and maturity.

Bakugo and Moe Kamiji

Bakugo and Moe Kamiji in My Hero Academia

Bakugo and Moe Kamiji could have a romance in My Hero Academia

Get you a couple to Bakugo is complicated, but when he meets Moe Kamiji from the Endeavor Agency everything can change because they have similar personalities. Sometimes, when they communicate, the way they act clashes, and they may come to understand each other, making that there is a possible relationship. Although they could also make a very good team because of Moe’s burning hair and Bakugo’s explosives.

Tsuyu and Fumikage

Tsuyu and Fumikagedd

A peculiar love between Tsuyu and Fumikagedd from My Hero Academia

Tsuyu and Fumikage are characters who have had poor communication in the classroom but you can definitely tell there’s something more there when it comes to working together on the battlefield. For example, they devised a very effective professional strategy in one of the practical exams against Ectoplasm and they have been paired several times. Therefore, perhaps they will get to be together in the future despite how shy and reserved they are.

Mina Ashido and Kirishima

Mina Ashido and Kirishima

Mina Ashido and Kirishima have connection in Mina Ashido and Kirishima

Kirishima has known Mina since middle school, and so they have always had a good friendly relationship, but both have changed since they arrived at the UA Academy and they are developing the confidence and personality they need. This is when we notice that they are quite interested in each other, because when Kirishima changes his look, Mina tells him that they are going to be “horned friends” because the tips they wear in their hair have a similar appearance, and also when demonstrating the movement “Red Riot Unbreakable”, Mina is inspired by him to create their own, known as “unbreakable”. It seems that the two respect each other and are very fond of each other.

Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu

Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu

The ideal partner for Itsuka Kendo is Tetsutetsu in My Hero Academia

Some of the characters that have stood out the most from Class 1-B are Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu. Apparently they are very good friends and they have worked together many times, in fact, Tetsutetsu cares a lot about her and usually protects her, and Itsuka respects and admires him even though he is aggressive. At no time have they been seen fighting, so they probably have a stable friendly relationshipand later we see a romance between them.

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