They discover a detail in Izuki’s new suit from My Hero Academia that you may not have noticed

This will be the official suit with which he will face Tomura Shigaraki

The relationship between Deku (Izuku Midoriya) and All Might, the former holder of the One For All and symbol of peace, has come fracturing from manga chapter 327, after the destruction of Japan at the hands of the League of Villains. At that moment, All Might realized that he had failed Deku as a mentor to the young hero and to Japanese society as a symbol of peace, since he could not stop the chaos and death that stalked this world. However, their relationship may start to heal now that he’s handed over his new mask.

As we well know, Kohei Horikoshi is a mangaka who likes to post details for his most curious audience and from chapter 326 in which he found Dark Deku’s mask lying on the ground, the question remained in the air “what had happened with this object?”, because it seems that our ancient symbol of peace has gone to work to give his ward a new skin that more closely matches his image as a new icon of peace. this detail was noticed by Izukanee on Twitter he saw an important detail in chapter 349.

my hero academia deku new suit

As we can see below, this My Hero Academia fan mentions that Izuku had integrated a piece of his previous suit into this new one. After all, the hero got rid of his metal face shield during his vigilante stint as Dark Deku, but all that has changed now that the final war has come to light and he’s back as part of the team of heroes, greeted by Ochako. , Bakugo and Endeavor.

my hero academia deku new suit

It’s hard to see, but the broken guard is seen around Izuku’s neck in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. The mask that now functions as a neck brace is chipped and jagged on the sides. It seems to keep Gran Torino’s cape in place and serves as a reminder of all that Izuku has accomplished thus far.seems like a great little tribute to his work as a hero over the years.

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My Hero Academia’s New Deku Suit Remains To Be Seen

After all, the guard was part of Izuku’s first suit and was meant to pay homage to All Might. Our hero has set out to become a pro who can save others with a smile like the former One For All possessor, and Izuku gets closer and closer with every feat he accomplishes. However, it can be difficult to smile under pressure, and his face shield looked like a smile to make up for any slack.

my hero academia deku new suit

As we mentioned before, this may be a way to heal old wounds between both heroes and finally open a new door to who will become the greatest hero in this world. But, we will have to wait for the following chapters of My Hero Academia to confirm this new hero costume.

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