They have been cheated: The last “leak” of My Hero Academia is false

[SPOILER ALERT si es que no vas al día con el manga]

As you will surely know, last Wednesday, August 3, the My Hero Academia fandom entered a fierce crisis with the sudden death of the character Katsuki Bakugo at the hands of the villain Tomura Shigaraki through the leaks of chapter 362, offered by the users @GoatPepito and @RukasuMHA who shared it on Twitter.

Although there were doubts about its veracity, the reality was only one for days later; and it was that Bakugo’s heart had been destroyed, along with excellent writing where we see the student acknowledging that he did wrong in the past and accepting from his subconscious that he will not be able to ask All Might for an autograph later.

On Monday the 8th, however, they wanted to share this publication in “leak” mode on Twitter where the explosive hero Dynamight had survived the impact 2 days after the events of the war. Generating a “relief” in those who cried for his death.

And the event was expanded to the group of Progreposteo: The Animation on Facebook for the 9th with the same spirit of spreading “details of the leak”.

The reality is that all this is completely false, the image in question that they wanted to viralize is a clipping from page 8 of chapter 298 of the manga, where Bakugo just woke up after being seriously hospitalized as a result of the first combat in the Arc of the War of Paranormal Liberation.

To be more precise in that this is in fact a joke in bad taste, the leaker and translator @RukasuMHA warned on August 3 that there would be no leaks for the 10th due to the Obon holiday in Japan, since Shonen Jump magazine They would take a break for the holiday, and they would only resume next week, with the leaks of chapter 363 being published on August 17.

While many desperately want to bring Bakugo back to life, we must not stoop so low as to believe such ridiculous posts that only fuel misinformation. It is healthier for us to accept that the character is gone. His role in the plot has culminated in him ceasing to be a rival to Izuku and taking the real fight from him not in overcoming Midoriya, but in dealing with his weaknesses and insecurities that he has always had to deal with due to the complex of his inferiority.

Katsuki as well as Oboro Shirakumo, only show a harsh reality of heroism in MHA, that no matter how promising and iconic you are as a future hero, along the way you can simply not get to graduate or die before you can fulfill your goals.

In personal words, Katsuki’s death was with himself fighting to the end, and it is necessary to leave it at that, because if we resort to morally unacceptable things like using Eri as a tool, we only feed lousy writing and throw away the narrative construction that the author Kohei Horikoshi gave us to emotionally end the path of a character as beloved as Bakugo was for the Japanese.

His death was shocking and reviving him would only ruin that impact, so let’s not hope he’ll come back. Izuku said in chapter 321 that this matter is between One For All and All For One, so they shouldn’t and can’t continue this unless they want to die.

It should also be made clear that although some say that Bakugo narrated chapter 348 of the manga by calling Deku a “Damn nerd”, the truth is that the narration was put together from an omnipresent vision and hoarding details that are not something I would say or he would know the character himself, so it is necessary to make it clear that the narrator in question is an unknown one who wanted to use the term to make a Katsuki-style joke.

I repeat, let’s accept the character’s death and leave it at that.

This is war, not everyone will survive.