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The last episode of the manga My Hero Academia it continues to reveal surprises to us, such as the return of some characters, and the fate of others; but without a doubt one of the most important news for the fans was the revelation of the hero’s name of bakugo.

As you may recall, almost from the start most would-be heroes choose a name that will help protect their identity, as well as reflect their personality or quirk characteristics.

There are cases like Deku, who appropriates an ill-intentioned nickname and interprets it again, this time as a hero who has the goal of protecting; others, like Uravitycombine the character’s real name with the function of their quirk: uraraka and ‘zero gravity’; Finally, there are some that serve as a tribute to other heroes who inspired them, such as the case of Red Riot.

However, there are a couple of important characters who did not have a hero name, and this was the case with bakugowho in this number 293 of My Hero Academia finally revealed what it will be called from now on, Dynamite.

Bakugo’s tribute to All Might: Dynamight

However, this is a name that involves a play on words, as it refers to his explosive quirk while inserting a tribute to All Might. This was made clearer in some translations that were corrected after it was initially published, such as what happened with Viz Media.

They regretted They change the name of Bakugo in My

Well, in the new version it already appears spelled as Dynamight, or actually we should say ‘the great god of bombardment, Dynamight’.

The Spanish versionwhich you can read through Plus Sleevedecided to leave Dynamiteso probably both names will appear from now on in different translations.

My Hero Academia, Bakugo reveals hero name: Dynamite.

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Do you think that in Spanish they should also spell it as Dynamight? Let us know in the comments.