This hero from My Hero Academia has made a great sacrifice for Deku and he is not who you expect

The least expected hero has performed a great feat to save Deku.

The current situation in the battle against Tomura Shigaraki has escalated to unimaginable levels, since this powerful villain has achieved far outweigh all the heroes’ attempts to stop himneutralizing a couple of them, Eraser-Head being one of the relevant characters that Shigaraki has momentarily defeated.

In the middle of this combat, Deku has awakened an incredible and powerful new quirkwith which he has managed to repel and control Shigaraki, since this villain seems to be unstoppableso much so that he still manages to keep fighting the heroes.

In the most recent episode, Tomura Shigaraki has used an incredible ability from the All For One quirk to deal damage to Deku. Nevertheless, the most unexpected hero has sacrificed himself for Midoriya, preventing it from receiving such an attack. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from episode #9 of the sixth season of the anime of My Hero Academia.

The least thought hero sacrifices himself for Deku

This heroic feat came from the least expected character

This heroic feat came from the least expected character

The level to which the fight against Tomura Shigaraki has escalated has been overwhelming, as this villain has caused big trouble for the heroes whom he has overcome with great ease, having the clear advantage of the confrontation.

During this fight the heroes have been outmatched on most battle fronts, as some villains are advancing towards the cities aboard Gigantomachia which is destroying everything in its path.

the fight against Tomura Shigaraki It has generated great anger and frustration in Deku, as he sees how everyone around him is being easily defeated and humiliated for this villain

Deku’s anger and frustration have caused him to awaken a new quirkcalled Floatwhich he has combined with the Black Whip to immobilize Shigaraki who wanted to make use of his gift and cause massive destruction.

Deku has saved the other heroes and neutralized Shigaraki by combining Blacklash with his new quirk Float

Deku has saved the other heroes and neutralized Shigaraki by combining Blacklash with his new quirk Float

Deku deals a series of blows to Shigaraki, dealing heavy damage. However, the pace at which Midoriya finds himself beating Tomura, will reverberate in your armssince they no longer tolerate the power of this young man, since he has seriously hurt them.

In view of this, Bakugo, worried about Deku, devises a plan with the help of Endeavor and Todoriko, to get closer to Shigaraki and for him to use his Prominence Burn for put an end to this villain once and for all.

Endeavor manages to get close to Shigaraki and performs his Prominence Burncausing great damage to Shigaraki who is on the verge of death saved by All For Onewho whispers to him to lend him his body.

However, Shigaraki refuses and uses a signature move of all for onethe Rivet Stab or Rivet Stab for get Endeavor off my backpiercing his abdomen, he also uses this same ability to attack Deku.

Nevertheless, Bakugo defends Deku by getting him out of the way and receiving all the attack for him.

Bakugo sacrifices himself and saves Deku from Shigaraki's attack.

Bakugo sacrifices himself and saves Deku from Shigaraki’s attack.

Katsuki Bakugo has been the one who has sacrificed himself for Deku this time, taking full damage from the attack. This has surprised everyone, since it is known that this hero does not usually perform these feats or defend his friends, since his attitude is a bit arrogant.

There is no doubt that this sacrifice that Bakugo has made has served to show the great development that he is having as a characterWell, it’s not very common to see him worry about his teammates or especially about Midoriya, since Katsuki always tries to push him away with his bad attitude.

Bakugo is having exceptional character development

Bakugo is having great character development

Bakugo is having great character development

The most recent chapter has served as a sample to observe the great development and progress that Bakugo is having as a character, since has been growing as the plot unfoldsadopting all the characteristics of a true hero.

Also, this episode served to show that Bakugo in the background cares about his best friend, Deku although he doesn’t show it to him and many times he avoids it, because currently Katsuki has been a great support for Midoriya during this fierce fight.

Bakugo has been from great importance in this final battlesince he has proven his worth by fighting Shigaraki with all his might and sacrificing himself for his companions, showing quite heroic attitudes with this feat.