This is the explanation of the final war of My Hero Academia that you need to read

After the end of all the battles between heroes and villains, Deku and Shigaraki will have to close the cycle with their confrontation.

Although My Hero Academia has not been at a peak, like other series of the moment, it does not mean that the events of the impending battle of the heroes have stopped. On the contrary, the final match between Deku and Shigaraki had its expiration date and that day came. Deku had only five minutes to finish Shigaraki, before exhaustion overcame him. Although this should mean that the Final War Arc will conclude soon, the reality is that there are still many issues to be resolved.

On the other hand, Kohei Horikoshi has been playing with the time lines of the story of My Hero Academia to bring together the main events of the war. So once each one of them has come to an end, the cycle of Deku and Shigaraki. And this arc cannot end before the audience knows the outcome of such a conflict.

The current battles of My Hero Academia


There are many fronts that are fighting simultaneously in My Hero Academia.

At the moment, the story is located in the battle of the Central Hospital. On the evil side, Spinner unleashes his Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers and Mutant Quirk civilians in an attempt to storm the hospital and free Kurogiri. On the other side are the heroes led by Present Mic, along with Rock Lock, Tentacole, and Anima, as well as a few law enforcement officers. Y the battle breaks out in chapter 372, titled “Naked”where Spinner and Present Mic confront each other and go on a search for Kurigiri and Shirakumo, respectively.

Another key battle for the events of MHA is the Gigantomachy Contending Facility in the ruins of Jaku Hospital., in which the villains attempt to break into the facility to free the behemoth, the villain from the slime and the PLF executive who killed Midnight. However, among the heroes that face them are under the orders of Mt Lady and include Red Riot, Grape Juice, Rule, Pinky, Emily and Mudman. Interestingly, this event is of special interest to the students of Class 1-A for their defense towards Midnight.

From another point, Himiko Toga battles Froppy and Ueavity at the Okuto Island Aquarium.. In his favor he has some high level Nomus and Sunfish, which will be his main helper heroes, like Sirius and Gang Orca. Likewise, Uravity and Toga have focused to fight for their ideals, regardless of Toga’s desire to connect.

As for Dabi, he is in ground zero of the Kamino room with another big high-end Nomu.. Meanwhile, Shoto, Ingenium and Endeavor’s companions (Kido, Onima and Burnin) participate. Although Shoto apparently took it upon himself to defeat Dabi, the latter regained consciousness and mortally wounded Onima to go towards Endeavor.

Endeavor and Hawks, as expected, had the help of Tsukuyomi and Earphone Jack. to destroy All For One in the ruins of Gunga Mountain Villa. Also, Kamui Woods, Pixie-Bob, Shishido, Shemage are also fighting the villains. However, All for One used Eri’s Rewind Quirk to avoid the damage from her body before her body turned him into nothing. He will only have to reach Shigaraki to free him from the trap that the heroes set for him during a fight.

Fights have a purpose


The heroes of My Hero Academia have a hard road in this battle.

As you could read, all the battles are being fought to define the fate of the opponent group. Y Now that Shigaraki is a prisoner at UA Institute, his release will be the start of another conflict.. Thus, the school building became a fortress maintained by students and faculty members such as Power Loader, Mei Hatsume, Comicman, Cementoss, Chargebolt, and Creati. The suppression of his Quirks, by Phantom Thief, Manual, and Eraserhead is one of the reasons why he can’t escape. And, considering that in the future he has to fight the Big Three, Best Jeanist, Mirk, and Deku, Shigaraki has quite the job.

Said that, there are a few other fronts in the final war that we can’t leave out, like Sugarman, Tapeman and Cellophane against the random villains in the Takoba National Stadium. But it is not yet clear to us what this event will lead to in the great war and whether it will have consequences.

Unfortunately the outlook for the heroes is not quite encouraging, since one of its main objectives was to separate the villains to defeat them; but, now, if they lose on any of the Kurogiri, Gigantomachia, AFO or Dabi fronts, this could mean the beginning of the end, because they would find a way to regroup and if this happens, the heroes will be in big trouble.

Be as strong there are five fronts to cover before returning to the UA and many things can happen in each of the confrontations. Of course, the heroes have to handle things as well as possible so that the battle between Deku and Shigaraki close this very important chapter in My Hero Academia.