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Between the characters of My Hero Academia, Superhumans registered with the government are considered professional heroes, and although each has been assigned a specific position on a scale made by the Heroes Association, the truth is that their power levels differ quite a lot when compared to them. That is why to clear all doubts We have made this ranking with the ten most formidable protectors of the innocents seen in the Kohei Horikoshi series.

10. Mt. Lady

Also known as Yu Takeyama, This stunning woman has been ranked no. 23 among the professional heroes of Musutafu. Her Gift allows her to reach enormous heights, and that is why she has been used by this vigilante to fight against the greatest threats.. Perhaps his only weakness is his ego, which prevails when he has to fight against the villains.

A gigantic heroine | Image: Bones

9. Vlad King

Vlad King, in addition to being a professional hero, is the teacher of Class 1-B. His imposing physique is only comparable to his fearsome Gift, which allows him to manipulate his blood in such a way that he is able to solidify it and use it in his offensives. As if that were not enough, he is also an extremely fast warrior, although these two abilities are not compensated by his intelligence, which leaves much to be desired.

The teacher of Class 1-B | Image: Bones

8. Best Jeanist

Tsunagu Hakamada is not only a narcissistic and flamboyant character, he is also one of the most powerful heroes to ever appear in the series. Yes indeed: his Don is one of the rarest we have seen in My Hero Academia, as it is able to manipulate the fibers of its enemies’ clothing and their own. It was thanks to this ability that he was able to resist the deadly attacks of All For One.

A quirky career hero | Image: Bones

7. Star and Stripe

This heroine is one of the newest characters in My Hero Academia, and it is a female version of All Might. Although she does not have the enormous power of the former Musutafu hero number 1, certainly America’s greatest warrior is a worthy rival to consider. With his Gift New Order he is able to obtain an enormous strength, And as seen in her fight against Tomura Shigaraki, this fighter is a genius in combat.

The number 1 fan of All Might | Image: Bones

6. Mirko

Mirko It is the professional heroine no. 5, which means that she is the most powerful female character among the official Musutafu heroes (although of course, there are UA Academy students who have exceeded their strength). Its greatest advantage is the offensive attacks that involve physical strength, in addition to being possessed of incredible agility. With a single kick he was able to defeat the gigantic Nomu Alta Gama, and in an epic combat he was also able to finish off Kyudai Garaki.

A pretty muscular heroine | Image: Bones

5. Hawks

Second place holder as a professional hero of Musutafu, Keigo Takami He is one of the most intelligent warriors seen in Boku no Hero. Although due to his carefree personality one might think that this hero is quite clueless, the truth is that he is always in a constant state of alert, that is why at the slightest provocation he usually activates his Don Alan Rígidas, with which he can escape or take the attack in seconds.

A pretty smart fighter | Image: Bones

4. Nemuri Kayama

Its stunning image can confuse the most unsuspecting, because the truth is that Nemuri Kayama She is a superhero of the first order, although her sadistic tendencies lead her to enjoy the fear she exerts on her enemies. His Gift is aromatic, and allows him to put his enemies to sleep. This ability may not be very powerful, but coupled with this character’s fighting techniques, we can say that Nemuri Kayana is itself a deadly weapon.

A rather suggestive heroine | Image: Bones

3. Shota Aizawa

Sometimes also called Eraserhead, Shota Aizawa is about a professional hero and teaches at the UA Academy Known for being reserved and severe, His passive Gift seems in keeping with his personality, as just by looking at his enemies he can nullify anyone’s ability. It is one of the most powerful techniques seen so far in the series, since it can violate the force of any other being in a matter of a few seconds. The only downside? That Aizawa cannot use this Gift so often.

The holder of one of the best gifts | Image: Bones

2. Endeavor

Better known as Enji Todoroki, the hero with the record for the highest number of cases solved is, only below All Might and the different incarnations of All for One, one of the most powerful beings in the Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi. What Dabi, He has the Gift of Fire, however his case is a bit more special, since he can manipulate this element in any way. His strength is colossal, and while he’s not exactly fast, his skills are offset by analytical and strategic thinking.

An explosive warrior | Image: Bones

1. All Might

Of all the superheroes we’ve seen parading on the show, All Might it has been the most powerful. Although the protagonism has never focused on his figure, the truth is that his appearances almost always tipped the balance towards the side where he was fighting. With his Gift, One For All, this monstrous being was able to destroy the most formidable enemies, even defeating All For One.

Strongest Pro Hero Musutafu Ever Seen | Image: Bones

As you can see, through the ranks of Musutafu’s professional heroes we find some of the most powerful warriors ever seen in anime or manga. A very similar future awaits the students of the Academia U. A., who will become the heirs of these characters, as well as the protectors of the weakest.

And you, which hero or professional heroine would you add to this list?


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