This tattoo of Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia is the most brutal you’ve ever seen

Mt. Lady is one of Japan’s strongest heroines in My Hero Academia. She is the No. 23 professional heroine and is part of The Lurkers and whether due to her strength, great beauty or pleasant character, she has won the hearts of her fans who pay her tribute and there are those who want to wear her even on the skin.

This is the case of 0niboi who shared on Reddit a photograph of his most recent tattoo, a colorful version of Mt. Lady, the heroine of My Hero Academia, who is ready to fight crime with a smile.

Mt.lady tattoo from BokuNoHeroAcademia

In fact, he may be closer to taking on the League of Villains than you think. Other people on Reddit asked if next to Mt. Lady was Tomura Shigaraki, the fearsome leader of My Hero Academia.

He replied that it was. Before tattooing the mighty heroine No. 23, he gave his place to the leader of the League of Villains. And he shared his Instagram account where he published this same tattoo.

In fact, if you also want to have a similar one, we have good news for you. 0boi gave the My Hero Academia community in Reddit the official FindyourSmile account on Instagram, the person in charge behind his tattoo of Mt. Lady. In addition, he has a very marked inclination to make anime tattoos and animated series. So if you were thinking of taking your favorite character with you, this is your moment.

My Hero Academia is the obra de Kohei Horikoshi and one of the franchises most loved by the international public, although it will have a small hiatus in October. In it we meet a world full of heroes and villains with known unique abilities What quirksThese are inherited from family to family.

However, there are cases like Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of this saga who does not have any of them. Fortunately, this young man will inherit one of the most powerful abilities known as the One For All.

His fate will be sealed from that moment and will lead him to face the most powerful villain in this world, Tomura Shigaraki, the possessor of All For One, the only ability that can be pitted against Midoriya’s power.

My Hero Academy Protagonists

Now, if you are interested in being aware of the current arc of My Hero Academia, we recommend that you read the most recent chapters through the Manga Plus service. There you can read it for free, both in English and Spanish, as you prefer.

Who is Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia?

Yu Takeyama (岳 た け 山 や ま 優 ゆ う) also known as Mt. Lady in My Hero Academia, is the 23rd professional heroine and member of The Lurkers.. This group was formed after the retirement of All Might, the hero who was the symbol of peace, its leader is Edgeshot and the last member is Kamui.

As a hero, she has her moment to shine in My Hero Academia’s The Paranormal Liberation War Arc.. In late March, she, her team, and the students who did the second internships participate in the War of Paranormal Liberation. As Mt. Lady, Edgeshot, Kamui Woods, and Chargebolt participate in the royal raid; Cellophane, Grape Juice and Vine are members of the Support Team.

Thanks to careful planning, the heroes of My Hero Academia defeated a mass of villains. Victory seemed assured, so heroes like Chargebolt and the group of young men returned to the shelter. Unfortunately, Tomura Shigaraki ordered Gigantomachia to go to the battlefield and face the group from Mt. Lady.

Mt. Lady tries to stop him and is defeated by the unstoppable power of Gigantomachia, just like her companions. Soon after, the students and our beloved heroine try to get Gigantomachia to ingest a powerful sedative to stop him. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to take effect, causing extensive damage to several cities.

Thanks to the participation of Mt. Lady, we are getting closer and closer to seeing the long awaited final combat of heroes and villains. The reason why this fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki is so highly anticipated is because, unlike other action anime series, this will not be a one-on-one battle.

Kohei Horikoshi, el autor de My Hero Academia, has shown us that the most important thing for the final fight will be all the heroes and heroines that have accompanied this protagonist throughout his adventure.