Top 5 of the most hated characters in My Hero Academia anime

My Hero Academia is one of the most beloved anime and manga series within the Industry, and it has presented us with an immensity of unique characters, with the roles of heroes and villains, who surely won the affection of all fans.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that My Hero Academia has very interesting characters, there are even heroes and villains that possibly no one had imagined before, and that is what makes this anime special. In this very authentic universe you can get all kinds of quirks and personalities, but unfortunately not all of them have been well received by the audience.

Although most of the heroes and villains that are shown on the screen are very attractive and have an engaging story to tell, not all of them cause the same emotion, and, in addition, they can become meaningless during the story of My Hero Academia. . For this reason, we show you some of the most hated characters in anime and the reason why they have been criticized.

Minoru Mineta – Grape Juice

Definitely, Mineta is one of the most annoying characters in My Hero Academia just because of her way of being, and the fact is that the choice of her alias “Grape Juice” already gives a lot to talk about. It could be said that Mineta is the typical fearful character of the group that should make you laugh, but sometimes he crosses a line that makes him start to bother and get in the way, because every time a fight breaks out, he panics and runs away.

In addition, he has been quite intense with women since the first day of class, and these end up being attitudes that subtract from the plot. On the other hand, her costume could be classified as one of the worst and her “Pop Off” gift is one of the strangest that can be in this world.

Shuichi Iguchi – Spinner

Shuichi Iguchi is a good villain, his abilities and the way he handles melee battles are pretty great, but he also has a lot of cons that have been disliked. First, the character that he has can become absurd on many occasions because of the way he thinks, in fact, he seems to focus too much on saying what he always thinks.

Inasa Yoarashi – Gale

There is no doubt that Inasa Yoarashi has a very flashy style and an impressive Quirk that allows him to create large gusts of wind, thus making him a dangerous opponent. This energetic and motivating character can get annoyed or bothered by the way he expresses himself, he even makes him look crazy, always with the smile he has.

Koji Koda – Anima

If there is someone who has gone quite unnoticed throughout the history of anime, it is Koji Koda, and possibly you have not paid much attention to him either because he never stands out in anything. This is because he is a very reserved and peaceful character, since most of the time he prefers to speak with sign language and very rarely contributes to the team.

Yuga Aoyama – Can’t Stop Twinkling

The way in which Yuga acts during the fights makes him not be taken seriously, and is that he is always playing or showing off when in reality he has to take advantage of his great potential to overcome battles. He can look, talk, and pose as long as he wants, but not in the middle of a fight. Beyond this, Yuga Aoyama is currently hated for being the true traitor of UA Academy.