Tsuyu from My Hero Academia is preparing for fall with this cosplay

Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy, is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia, and because of that, it has a presence in media such as cosplay. However, she hasn’t stood out much in the sixth season of the anime.

This is understandable, since those who hog the spotlight are the professional heroes. Only in the most recent episodes have the students of the UA Academy managed to stand out a little more.

Unfortunately, among them is not Tsuyu. She is a hero who has frog-like abilities. Although if necessary she can fight, she does better in rescue and support missions.

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Especially since it can stick to almost any surface. It also advances very fast on land and sea; in the first case swimming and in the second taking great leaps. Her prehensile tongue allows her to grab objects away from her.

Tsuyu from My Hero Academia is preparing for fall with this cosplay
Font: Instagram.

Just like his organ of taste lets him hang and swing if necessary. Froppy can also blend in with his surroundings in My Hero Academia and even spew poison.

The toxins of this substance produce different effects. But this character doesn’t usually use it much; She stands out for her kind and serene personality. For what was mentioned before and much more, there is more than one cosplay based on the nice Tsuyu Asui.

A more casual cosplay of Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui cosplay from My Hero Academia What we bring you this time is a contribution from cosplayer brooklyn (@honeyrabbiit).

Only in this case she doesn’t reflect her in her heroine outfit nor as a UA Academy student.

It seems that he wanted to show it in a more casual way but we don’t know where he got the idea from. Regarding her hairstyle, it is similar to that of this character, as is her hair color.

Tsuyu from My Hero Academia is preparing for fall with this cosplay
Font: Instagram.

He wears a matching sweater and pants, as well as black shoes. In the case of this outfit, one cannot speak of fidelity.

Perhaps he took inspiration from an illustration made by Kohei Horikoshi, creator of the series, or from an official product for sale in Japan.

The pose he has in the photos is reminiscent of the one Froppy usually has. But he can’t blame anyone if he doesn’t recognize her at first glance.

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