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After a rather exciting match between Stars and Stripes and Shigaraki, the manga of My Hero Academia returned to the UA school with the aim of preparing Deku and company for the final showdown against All for One. However, before this takes place, the students finally found out who is the traitor among them, thus ending one of the oldest theories of fans.

During chapter 335 it was finally confirmed that there is a traitor within class 1-A. While the conclusion of this episode seemed to indicate that it was Toru Hagakure, better known as Invisible Girl, Chapter 336 revealed that it’s actually about Aoyama Yuga, one of Deku’s closest friends.


This chapter not only explains the past of this character, who, like Deku, was a nation without a Gift, but also reveals that betrayal is something that is haunting Yuga’s soul, as All for One has his family threatened. At the end of this episode we can see Deku converse with this character, so by the end of this week we will surely have a conclusion to this conflict.

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Editor’s Note:

Although the revelation of Yuga as the traitor of UA does not make much sense at the moment, surely in the future chapter this will be explained in a better way. In the same way, let’s hope that this finally leads to the final showdown, since it feels like the manga’s story is expanding without a clear reason.

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UA traitor is finally revealed in MHA

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