Venezuelans stand out in the Japanese film “My Hero Academia”

Venezuelan talent continues to leave traces in the artistic world. And this time, 12 Venezuelan actors participate in the third Japanese film based on the manga and anime series “My Hero Academia.”

In this new film we will find a mysterious organization dedicated to the destruction of gifted people, which will launch a threat and spread bombs all over the world.

But pro heroes and hero apprentices will rush to find those bombs and thus save the Earth. The characters Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki will meet Rody, a boy who lives in a trailer home in their designated area, Otheon, and end up working together.

“My Hero Academia” takes place in a world where 80% of the inhabitants developed a “gift”, so there will be heroes and villains; while Izuku Midoriva is part of the 20% without gifts.

However, his greatest desire is to study at the UA and be a hero like his idol All Might, so he goes through a long journey, and many setbacks, to achieve it.

This would be the third movie based on the “My Hero Academia” anime. The first two were dubbed in Mexico, but the production decided to change some aspects of their characters, mainly the voices, and later the 12 Venezuelans were chosen.

The creator of the film wanted to highlight the essence of each character, due to the rage and acceptance that it has had so far throughout the world.

This film is already on the cinema billboard from January 6 in Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador; while in Venezuela it will be released on January 13.

The Venezuelans who participate in the film

The young man of only 17 years, Sebastián Reggio plays the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Reggio is a new dubbing talent in Miami.

In addition, he is accompanied by Orlando Noguera (All Might), remembered for giving voice to Brain in the comics “Pinky and Brain”; Ledner Belisario (Eijiro Kirishima/Red Riot), a redhead with a rock-hard body, who you may have heard of in South Park with his character Randy Marsh.

In addition, the singer Christiam Marval (Tetsutetsu/Real Steel) will participate; Venezuelan actor Sergio Romero (Kamuy Woods/Shinji Nishiya), known as number seven and a member of the Lurkers; and the model and singer Andrea Villaverde, as a professional heroine and one of the protagonists.

Otheon resident Lala Soul is represented by Venezuelan actress Judith Noguera, who also served as director of this series since the second season. Noguera is remembered for being the adolescent voice of “Dora and her friends.”
Photo: courtesy Netflix @plusultra

The actress and announcer María Jose Estévez will give life to two characters, they are Momo Yoayoruzu and Tsuyu Asui/Floppy. For his part, the actor, producer and theater director Manuel Bastos will give life to Endeavor, a professional hero considered one of the most powerful, extremely strong and owner of superhuman strength.

Beyond Miami they were recording Ivanna Ochoa from Germany, who plays Setsuna Tokage, whose gift is autonomy; For his part, Jhonny Torres gave Pankration his voice from Mexico. And Rolman Bastidas from Spain (voice of Superman in “The Justice League”) plays two characters: The Commissioner and Edie Soul.

Finally, a special mention deserves the American actor, musician and producer Rómulo Bernal (Katsubi Bakugo / Kacchan), who served as artistic director in the production of “World Mission of Heroes”; as well as in all five seasons of the “My Hero Academia” series for Funimation.

Bernal opted for Venezuelan talent on this occasion, as well as in other productions carried out by the dubbing company The Kitchen LLC, at its headquarters in Miami, United States.