What are the best powers in Boku no Hero Academia?

Next, we will tell you what are the best powers in the entire Boku no Hero Academia universe and why.

Boku no Hero Academia, with its 6th season on the air, It has already established itself as one of the greatest and best-known animes in history. Its simple but effective premise, in which 80% of the world population has powers, also called Quirks or Gifts, mixes the best of each franchise and superhero work to give us a story with a particular point of view that has already dazzled viewers around the world.

Since it began airing in 2016, based on the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi, the main story is formed so far by 6 seasons, which means more than 100 episodes that have already seen the light. In addition to the series 3 films have been released so far, which were authentic box office successes, and several OVAs. If you want to catch up on the series or see all the side stories, here We leave you a guide where we tell you how to see the complete saga in chronological order.

Now, let’s go with what interests us, the Quirks. With so many heroes and villains present in the anime, there are also numerous Quirks that are quite varied, some more useful, some more flashy, the list is endless. Thus, Today we are going to tell you what are the powers that are on the podium of Boku no Hero Academia. So, read on to find out what these Quirks are.

The best powers in all of Boku no Hero Academia!

One For All – Deku/All Might

Probably, the most powerful Gift, or at least the most desired, and it is that the objective of the antagonists is to obtain this Quirk. What he does is basically greatly enhance all physical abilities: strength, endurance, speed… However, as we find out in season 5, this is not the only ability of the Giftbut the wielder is also able to use the powers of the heroes who had the One For All.

What are the best powers in Boku no Hero Academia

Half Ice, Half Fire – Shoto

Endeavor’s long-awaited Quirk, for which he married his current wife and which led him to have several children, until he reached Shôto. The last son of the Todoroki family, and a member of the leading trio of the series, was the one who finally manifested this mixture of the powers of his father, fire, and that of his mother, ice. During the first seasons, we see how he refuses to use the left half of this Gift, the fire one. He does this due to the mistreatment that Endeavor subjected to his entire family, with the sole objective of having his offspring surpass All Might.


Hardening – Red Riot

This Quirk, belonging to Eijirô Kirishima, endows its bearer with the ability to harden their entire body. This is useful not only defensively, being incredibly resistant to all sorts of attacks, but also offensively. And it is that, the use of this Gift is also very useful to attack, because it increases the power and force of the blows dealt by its owner.


Cremation – Dhabi

He is, rivaling only Endeavor, the character with the strongest fire-related Quirk in the entire Boku no Hero universe, which is why this Quirk is among the best powers in the series. There isn’t much to say about this Gift, just It can produce fire from its own body, which reaches very high temperatures, something that makes it fearsome.. If you want to know more about Dabi and his Quirk, here We tell you several curiosities about him.


Creation – Creaty

Allows you to create any object, regardless of its weight, size, materials or any other factor. The only condition is that it cannot be a living being. With the aim of taking her Gift to the maximum and being able to create not all kinds of objects, but to manufacture them with the best possible quality, her bearer, Momo Yaoyorozu, has studied the properties of all materials and elements up to a level molecular.

momo yaoyorozu

Dark Shadow – Tsukuyomi

This Gift is, more than a simple ability, a being that its bearer can control. Although, if the place they are in is too dark, Tokoyami can lose control of Dark Shadow. And conversely, if there is too much light, the Shadow sees its power drastically reduced. It is very useful, since In addition to being able to carry out any type of defensive or offensive movement, it is also a great help for its carrier. always counting on a second opinion and someone to cover your back.


Copy – Phantom Thief

The Quirk of this arrogant 1st B student allows him to use another person’s Quirk for up to five minutes. This is achieved by touching the person who wants to copy the Gift, even if it is a slight touch. If he trains well in stealth so that he can sneak up on people from behind and touch them, Monoma could become one of the strongest heroes in the future.


Warp Gate – Kurogiri

What this villain can do using his Quirk is deform his body, which is in a gaseous state, to make it into a bridge through which, the moment a person or object comes into contact with it, will “teleport” to the other end. The bridge can be opened at a nearby location, unless Kurogiri knows the exact position, in which case distance is no longer an impediment.


Creeper – Maria

What Shiozaki can do is create numerous vines from his hair, which has multiple uses. They can be used both to capture someone and to grab an object or even attack your rival.. This future heroine of the 1st B class is capable of extending her vines to great distances, in addition to detaching them at the moment Shiozaki deems appropriate.


Mind Control – Shinso

This Gift is undoubtedly one of the most powerful. The operation of it is quite simple, its owner asks a question, and if his opponent answers, Shinsô will have it completely under his control. To free themselves from this mental domain, the only thing that can be done is for the controlled person to be hit by something or someone, in addition, obviously, for the bearer of this Quirk to decide to stop controlling the person.

shinso bnha

All For One – All For One

The most fearsome Quirk of all, used by one of the main antagonists of the series. The basic function of this Gift, about which there are still several mysteries and unfinished information, is that it allows to steal Gifts.. What makes it different from other similar ones is that you can accumulate them and you don’t have any usage limit. You can even bestow these Quirks on other people if your wielder so desires.


And, here is this list about the best powers present in Boku no Hero Academia. Which of these do you consider the strongest? Is there a Gift that you miss among these? You can tell us through social networkswhere we remind you that you can follow us if you want to know the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.