What does Plus Ultra mean in My Hero Academia?

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, perhaps you have heard the most characteristic phrase of the franchise: ¡¡¡More Ultra!! and you have wondered what this mantra of All Might and the heroines and heroes of the UA means This motto is not accidental, it was popularized in the 16th century when it was popular during Latin speakers and, in fact, it is used by the Spanish government.

The Plus Ultra is a common Latin motto that has reached My Hero Academia as far back as Izuku Midoriya and what does it mean Go further. Through time, this phrase has been embedded with excellence and the leaders of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the Empire of Spain, used it to fill their troops of soldiers with courage..

In addition to My Hero Academia, Plus ultra is the official motto of Spain. This motto was used in expression of the dynamism of the new Spanish Empire and to encourage sailors to defy and forget the ancient warning of Greek mythology, according to which Hercules had placed two pillars in the Strait of Gibraltar, and it was believed that they were the limit of the World, the last frontier that the navigators of the Mediterranean could reach.

Toshinori Yagi/All Might en My Hero Academia

The My Hero Academia Plus Ultra was first used by the Spanish Empire in 1516 by Charles I, King of Spain and young Duke of Burgundy, who used Plus oultre in French as his personal motto. According to the studies of Earl Rosenthal, the motto comes from the influence of the physician and personal advisor of the future Emperor Charles V, the Milanese humanist Luigi Marliano (1464-1521). He advised him in 1516, when to put under his office the motto.

In Spain, the original French was translated into Latin in an arch celebrating Carlos’s entry into Burgos, due to the hostility that the Spanish had towards the French-speaking Burgundian advisers and ministers of the emperor.

what does plus ultra mean in My Hero Academia
All Might using the maximum One For All in My Hero Academia

Not only in Spain is the Plus Ultra from My Hero Academia used, it is also present on the shield of the City of Villarrica with the PLVS VLTRA motto around the Columns of Hercules, very similar to the shield of Spain. In the current shield, the motto is written around the two Pillars of Hercules. Likewise, it is the motto of the state of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, the state of Tabasco, as well as the state of Coahuila de Zaragoza in Mexico, the city of Villarrica del Espíritu Santo, capital of the Department of Guaira in Paraguay and of the Navy of the Republic of Colombia.

The final arc of My Hero Academy

In this way, it seems that the long-awaited end of My Hero Academia will be postponed a bit longer. The reason why this fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki is so highly anticipated is because, unlike other action anime series, this will not be a one-on-one battle.

Kohei Horikoshi, el autor de My Hero Academia, has shown us that the most important thing for the final fight will be all the heroes and heroines that have accompanied this protagonist throughout his adventure.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Until now, Midoriya had made the difficult decision to face alone against All For One, Tomura Shigaraki’s master, his army and Shigaraki himself so that no one else would suffer because of him again. However, the constant fights against mercenaries and hordes of villains, had left him on the brink of death. Merely, his power was not enough.

Fortunately, In previous chapters of My Hero Academia, we saw how his friends have decided to come to his rescue and convince the population that Midoriya is a hero, just like each of the people who decide to fight evil. So we are about to witness one of the best fights in manga history, even if we have to wait a little longer. In fact, in his last fight, Tomura Shigaraki has been seriously injured by America’s heroine, Star & Stripe.