What if Deku from My Hero Academia became Spider-Man? A cosplayer makes this crossover real

My Hero Academia” is one of the biggest and most well-known superhero stories to ever come out of Japan, which is not surprising given that it is a ‘genre’ that is very successful at the pop culture level. In fact, you just need to see What Marvel It is surely one of the entertainment franchises that has generated the most money for years. Now precisely a cosplayer has wanted to merge two flagships of said families: Deku and Spider-Man.

Deku leaves My Hero Academia and becomes the next Spider-Man in this new cosplay

Without giving much more beating, I leave you with the cosplay that he has presented rosemagpiein which the most appropriate interpretation would be the following: What if Deku left “My Hero Academia” and became the next Spider-Man?

Honestly, it seems to me that the result is ‘simple’ but at the same time highly convincing. Having said that, given that even the cosplayer himself admits that the quality of the photos on Instagram has gone down a lot, I leave you with a shorts who uploaded to YouTube and where you can see the cosplay with a better quality (you’ll have to see it on YouTube itself I think):

In any case, I really like it, and I also think that Spider-Man has that character of putting himself ahead of everything to protect people who hit “Deku” a lot. Not only that, but if one also takes into account that it is now possible to see him with the power of the dark whips, the truth is that even the canon and official model begins to smell like Spider-Man.

To finish, and also to leave you a little more about Deku, I remind you that at the time I wrote a series of curiosities about the origin of the character. Then I leave you the article in which he collected how Kouhei Horikoshi ended up finding the protagonist of “My Hero Academia”:

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