What is Solo mode in My Hero Academia: the Strongest Hero

En Play Store we can find a large number and variety of games based on some manga and anime franchise. However, there is one that, since it was released a few months ago, has become one of the most downloaded and most popular, which is based on the saga of My Hero Academia. Yes, hablamos de My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, often abbreviated simply as MHA: TSH.

This title marketed globally by Sony Pictures presents itself as an ARPG game, in which we take the role of one of our favorite characters and we must fulfill various missions, where action is more than guaranteed. And if you enjoy fighting titles, you will love this one, as it offers multiple game modes for you to show your skills while unleashing the combo skills of your heroes and villains.

We have prepared this post, in which We will cover everything you need to know about one of the most popular game modes and one of the first ones you unlock in your adventure: Solitaire (Solo). Also, if you want to continue learning about this wonderful game based on the work of Kōhei Horikoshi, we invite you to read our guía completa de My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

What is Solo mode in MHA: TSH

My Hero Academia TSH Solitaire game modes

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a wonderful game developed for mobile interfaces, which offers impressive graphics and many attributes that have positioned it as one of the best. And if you want to know more about what these are, you can take a look at our post where we explain it to you.

If you have already downloaded and installed MHA: TSH on your mobile and you have started your adventure, eventually you will discover the game modes it offers, where one of the first you unlock is solo mode (Solo).

Basically this is a game mode where We will have to fulfill certain missions without the possibility of receiving help from our friends, hence they are alone, and with which we will obtain various resources to improve our characters, from food to chips and much more.

For it, This mode is subdivided into 6 others, in which each one allows us to farm a specific type of resource, although there are also conditions that we must meet in order to have access to them. Next, we will tell you everything in detail.

How the Peacekeeping handbook works

Inside solo mode, we found the event of the Peacekeeping Handbook, which is characterized because it allows us to get food that is used to train our characters and develop their potential beyond the limit.

Peacekeeping Manual in My Hero Academia TSH
Peacekeeping Manual in My Hero Academia TSH

This mode allows us participate in various missions, where we must meet certain objectives to overcome it with the best rating and get better rewards. Some of these themes can be hostage rescue events within a specific time, among others. They are very fun events that serve to test your combat skills.

Some of these scenarios are divided into several parts, in which you face first some subordinates, then others stronger until finally the leader of the enemies. And once you defeat them, you will receive the rewards.

How Supply works

The next mode that belongs to the Solo event is Suministros (Supply). As the name implies, we have to participate in missions, which reward us with some materials. All of these are necessary for improving our characters and making them more powerful.

To unlock this mode, it is necessary to have passed the main mission of the story mode called “Arena”. Once you get it, you gain access to Supply missions, which increase in difficulty as you advance between levels, but also improve the final rewards. It is another fun game mode that serves to test your gaming skills.

How the Hero Trial works

All Might en My Hero Academia TSH
All Might en My Hero Academia TSH

Continuing with the game modes available in the Solitaire event, we have the Hero trial. His name can give us a clue of what we will find, since they are missions that we must play with specific characters and overcome them. In doing so, we will receive as a reward some fragments of the unit we use, which are necessary to continue improving it.

To have access to this modality, it is necessary to fulfill the condition of overcoming the main mission “Meaning of heroes”, translated as “The meaning of heroes”. This event known as “Hero trial” It is extremely important and you must constantly farm it to obtain the fragments that allow you to evolve your characters.

How Night Operations (Night ops) work

Another of the farming modes that are part of the Solo mode, is the Night Operations (Night ops). This allows us access various missions, divided into stages of difficulty, where each one is more complicated and demanding than the previous one. But all this effort is worth it, since the rewards we receive for beating them are chips.

The rarity of these chips varies depending on the level in which we play the mission, so if we opt for the more complicated stages, we can even achieve 6 star chips. Although to unlock this mode, it is necessary to have passed the main mission of the story mode called “Proving Your Prowess”, which translates as “Showing your skills”.

How the Hero Theater works

Hero Theater in My Hero Academia TSH
Hero Theater in My Hero Academia TSH

As you enjoy My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and all the game modes it offers, you increase your level. AND once you reach agency level 18, you will unlock the Hero theater mode, found in the Solo event.

The missions in this game mode are classified into chapters and every so often, after an update, new ones are added so that players have more content to participate in, especially if they are hooked on the story.

How Operation X Works (Operation X)

Once you reach the agency level 26, you gain access to “Operation X” mode, which is also in the Solo event. These are individual missions that you can participate in and that serve to measure your skills as you face hordes of enemies at different levels.

Upon passing some levels, you can get power-ups to continue playing and gain a certain advantage against your enemies. It is a fun modality that requires skill.

▪ Release date: 06/01/2021