What is the infiltrator of the League of Villains in the UA in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the Industry, and it has presented us with an immensity of moments in which we see our aspiring heroes, dealing with the threats of villains willing to sow trouble. terror.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, in chapter #335 of the My Hero Academia manga, one of the theories that the fandom has kept for years was reborn: There was an infiltrator from the League of Villains in the UA Okay with these people, someone has been guiding Midoriya and the heroes at the hands of Tomura Shigaraki (like in the forest or in the mall).

In the final scene of that last episode he had pointed out that it was Toru Hagakure ‘Invisible Girl’ and the community had provided explanations that supported this idea. But, all doubts were dispelled in number 336 that shows us a confession of the true villain in the UA, Aoyama Yuga.

Until now, there had been Twitter accounts like Darktakis_isma’s that had shared this final scene of My Hero Academia chapter #335 in which the silhouette of Toru Hagakure from class 1-A could be seen with the message: “I have many friendships”, as if speaking to his alliances in the League of Villains.

But, everything seems that Kohei Horikoshi wanted to have fun with his fans by giving them false leads. Although this scene was incriminating enough, the full chapter of My Hero Academia had not yet been shown, with some elements that throw this theory and Toru Hagakure’s affiliation with the League of Villains.

In chapter #336 we saw that, in reality, this heroine had witnessed the true traitor within the AU and the alliance of heroes. In chapter # 336 of My Hero Academia, the full scene shows us Toru Hagakure hiding and worried, she had looked for her great friend everywhere to comfort him, but what she found broke her heart.

Finally, he reached the forest near the heroes’ base and was able to see his friend, who had worried him because he had been in low spirits, he hadn’t even had a smile since Midoriya came home. But, his concern turned into sadness when he heard himself in the distance: “Until Kamino… You followed All For One’s orders to the letter!! right!?”

In the next frame, it is revealed that the villain who has been following the orders of All For One and the League of Villains has always been Aoyama Yuga, a student at UA and Izuku Midoriya’s partner. These words that Toru Hagakure had heard came from his parents who asked him to follow the orders of this terrible antagonist so that he would not harm them, since they had signed a deal with him.

Aoyama Yuga was crying in the middle of the forest in despair, because this chapter shares with us the real reasons he has had to obey him, as well as the interests of Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains.