WHAT! My Hero Academia has killed its greatest protagonist

Has Bakugo died in Boku No Hero? The topic that is trending among My Hero Academia fans has been unleashed in the worst possible way. Hated by many, Bakugo has become over the years one of the most beloved characters in this manga and anime. Powerful, but rabid, his only goal was to become the number 1 Pro Hero, being stronger than All Might.

Now him 362 from boku no hero (My Hero Academia), has revealed the fate of this character and could change the course of history forever. Warning, there is strong spoilers of 362 of My hero Academia to concontinuation.

What happened in Boku No Hero 362?

The quick answer is yes, Bakugo has suffered one of the most painful deaths in the manga. In this arc of My hero Academia, Shigaraki is controlled by All For Onemaking it tremendously powerful and dangerous, more than ever.

Bakugo encounters several Pro Heroes, the UA Big 3 and some of his friends, but it’s not enough to hold off the attacks, Bakugo is buying time for him. Deku make your grand entrance. All For One, aware that hurting or killing Bakugo would be a huge blow to Izuku MidoriyaHe attacks him mercilessly.

Next, we show you how Bakugo finished after the fight.

In the manga you can see how Bakugo goes to another plane, one in which it is discovered that one of the thorns attached to the young hero was a letter, which All Might failed to sign. It is implied that he signs it for him and this gives Bakugo the peace of mind to go to the other world.

Is Bakugo’s death reversible in My Hero Academia?

The truth is that yes, we have a most powerful character in that sense. This is Eri, and her gift is able to revert the state of any living being to a previous point. So, technically, Bakugo could be resurrected if his death is confirmed, which seems to be the case.

Let us remember that among other things, he restored the powers of mirio and Deku’s shattered arms in his final battle against Overhaul. What is the real issue here? Know if Kohei Horikoshi will do this or decide to leave the character like this.

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