What would Shuota Aizawa from My Hero Academia look like with a 90s anime style? This illustration shows you

My Hero Academia is the famosa obra de Kohei Horikoshi and it has become one of the most loved by the international public. In it we meet a world full of people with known unique abilities What quirks, these are inherited from family to family and can create chaos or destruction with their power.

Unfortunately not all people can be a hero or a heroine, there are cases like Izuku Midoriya (Deku), the protagonist of this saga who does not have any of them. Luckily for him, this young man will inherit one of the most powerful abilities known as One For All, from his idol All Might.

But, His path in My Hero Academia will not be easy, as he will face powerful villains with abilities he could never have dreamed of. What’s more, will have to study at the Academy of Super Heroes known as the UAIn it, he will meet great friends and mentors such as Shouta Aizawa, from whom he will learn what is necessary to fight evil.

Shouta Aizawa has become one of the favorite heroes and teachers of the My Hero Academia fandom.. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are artists like Liljoychan who want to portray it in every possible way. In this case, published on Reddit a fan art that will fascinate you, because it turns our beloved hero into a star of 90s anime.

According to the My Hero Academia fandom site, Shouta Aizawa is around 31 years old, so it would be impossible for him to have appeared in such a series. Nonetheless,

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Shouta Aizawa de My Hero Academia

Shouta Aizawa de My Hero Academia He is a man who is apparently reserved and feared by his students, this is mainly due to the high expectations he has placed.He is often cold, listless and impatient, exhorting very little energy in most situations, preferring to take naps in his sleeping bag.

As a teacher in My Hero Academia, Shouta Aizawa is known to be very severe, Well, he has expelled students he does not believe capable of withstanding the rigor of the UA Academy. Although, we have never seen him expel anyone from Class 1-A, to which Izuku Midoriya, our protagonist, belongs. Well, despite putting them to severe tests, no one has disappointed you so far. In fact, in the current arc of the manga, it is thanks to his students that he is still alive.

He is also severe with the UA Academy system itself, having repeatedly mentioned that they do not assess the true worth of their would-be heroes or heroines. In fact, he thought that Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia, could never become a hero.