When and what time does ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 premiere on Crunchyroll?

They better be putting together the calendar to wake up to see the new episodes of ‘My Hero Academia’ this weekend. Oh, and don’t forget your Crunchyroll subscription either.

This weekend starts the anime season in Crunchyroll with the premiere of the sixth season of My Hero Academia, whose last release was the exciting movie My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes, and finally the platform shared the times when we will have to be connected to see the first episode of this new batch of episodes.

The first reports of episode 1×6according to Comicbook, they rule out that it is a recount chapter As it usually happens in all animes. If you do not remember how season five ended, we give you a brief reminder so that you decide to renew your Crunchyroll subscription or be aware of the new prices of the platform, which have already entered into force for new users due to the merger with Funimation .

As you will remember, the fifth part was somewhat disappointing, especially the whole test that confronted Class 1-A with 1-B, the mere need to focus on the secondary heroes who are essential for the rest of the anime but who did not have affinity with people who haven’t read the manga, but Shigaraki’s parts are brutal and traumatic. To date we cannot forget how she dissolved her family and, especially, her puppy.

The Paranormal Liberation Front of the League of Villains has re-emerged with a new generation and the war against the heroes is about to begin, with Jaku City being the first raid mission we would see in Season 6. What is the danger in Jaku? It is where Dr. Ujiku creates the Nomus that usually cause problems for Endeavor and All Might.who needed to unleash their maximum power to defeat these monstrous hulks.

The war between heroes and villains will lead to intense levels.

According to information released by Crunchyroll this afternoon, the first episode of My Hero Academia T6 we will be able to see it this Saturday from 04:30 in the morning Mexico time, 02:30 in the United States. So now you have a reason to get up early every coming Saturday. And go for Crunchyroll because next week is also Chainsaw Man.