When does the collaboration between Boku no Hero and Fortnite arrive?

It has been confirmed that Fortnite and Boku no Hero Academia have teamed up, and we will tell you when the anime characters will arrive in the game.

Fortnite has been for several years the most popular game around the world, being known and enjoyed by all kinds of peoplefrom the youngest children to the elderly. Now, despite the fact that it has been in the doldrums for some time, it is still active and continuously launching new content, especially collaborations with different games, series, and movies.

On the other hand, there is Boku no Hero Academia, which is equal to or even more popular than Fortnite when it comes to anime series. In the same way as the video game, the series is still on the air, and precisely now, in its 6th season, it is going through one of the most critical moments of the plot.

Now, as it had been theorizing since some references to Boku no Hero Academia were seen in the trailer for the new chapter of Fortnite, The alliance between the two has been made official. And not only that, but We have also been able to find out when this collaboration will finally materialize.

Boku no Hero Academia arrival date to Fortnite

The confirmation of this association between the series and the video game has been made, through social networks, the official Fortnite accounts themselves, confirming what many have already been saying for a few days. Here below we leave you the publication with which this collaboration has been consolidated.

And good, As you can read in the tweet, Boku no Hero will land in Fortnite on December 16, that is, this same Friday. Unfortunately, we do not know what it will consist of, how long it will last or any other details beyond the aforementioned date. Most likely the official Fortnite accounts are releasing images or videos throughout the week promoting this collaboration.

While some are thrilled with the idea of ​​seeing one of their favorite series in one of their most beloved games, others absolutely loathe this collaboration. In fact, there is a certain sector of the fandom that believes that this alliance towards both the video game and the anime is even demeaning.

And you, dear reader, What do you think about this collaboration between Boku no Hero and Fortnite? Are you going to play it yourself or just see it in some videos? Tell us through social networkswhere we recommend you follow us to find out the latest in anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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